What if we run out of energy ??

As we all know, fossil fuels are completely degrading and will last only for some few hundred years. Renewable sources of energy give us energy but that’s not enough to feed the hunger of energy in the world currently — so after the fuels are degraded are we going to stay without energy or look for another alternative?

For every resource, we need to do a hundred years of research. Instead I present the option of harnessing the rotational energy of the earth. Because this huge mass rotates at such high speeds, it produces a lot of momentum and this momentum can be harnessed to produce a lot of electricity.

Thanks to this, our electric bill could become significantly lower or even free, as the energy is produced with a very low cost. The only charge would be for transportation of electricity, which is also very low.

So now we must compel our relatives to act upon it. Only then can we achieve energy independence.

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