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What Every Matchmove Artist Needs to Know About Lenses

…but is afraid to ask

A Cooke lens on a RED Scarlet camera

What is lens distortion and how does it affect me?

Image showing the differences between Barrel and Pin Cushion distortions.
Result of a camera track in PFTrack with lens distortion and without. The highlighted areas match the straight wall in the corrected version better.

Types of lenses

Comparison between a spherical and anamorphic lens

Focal length in matchmoving

The relationship between sensor size, focal length (f) and angular field of view (FOV). Note how for the same focal length f, the field of view (FOV) differs for both sensor sizes.
Cropped imaging area (36 x 20.25mm) vs full sensor size (36 x 24mm)





User success stories, technical how to's and other information related to matchmoving, camera tracking and photogrammetry with The Pixel Farm's PFTrack.

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