10.26 — In class session

Today, we began diving further into our interests. Building on what we spoke about last class, we each took the past few days to look into the topics that interested us most, collecting resources as well as gathering a list of contacts in the Pittsburgh area.


Pittsburgh demographics:

More white collar 20–30 somethings but not so much growth in food workers. http://theincline.com/2016/10/14/the-kitchen-problem-that-could-choke-pittsburghs-thriving-restaurant-scene

New residents:

Stuff people like / don’t like about Pittsburgh https://www.reddit.com/r/pittsburgh/comments/57vxo9/getting_involved_meeting_people/


Transient communities:

“My only caveat would be: Living in a town with generations of people who have been here for years, they “CAN” be stuck in their ways socially. I love to travel, I love to get to know new people, and find this a bit hard to do in this city. There seems to be a “If you are not from here, you don’t belong here” mentality here. That’s not necessary a bad thing. After living in Orlando for years, there’s no community. In many cities I’ve lived it’s a transit community. No one is from there just passing through. In Pittsburgh, totally different! They have love of the community, because it’s not a transient community like a lot of places. They have a great pride here that I respect.”

How to find temporary residents & their neighborhoods:

•Where do students live?
•Where do young people live?

Connecting temporary residents/newcomers to 
Pittsburgh Communities:

•Through interests?
• Time spent in pittsburgh?
• Academic field of study?
• Ethnicity & origins?
• Foreign origins?
• Local/community resources — food (public fridge), shops, 
community sharing
• What are the resources that can be shared? Within the temporary community? Between temporary and permanent communities?
• Tips to living in a new city?
• Making the world more like Pittsburgh or making Pittsburgh more 
like the world?