We are pleased to announce our new title, “Timelie: Omen”

Sorry for our absence these past few months. We are back with a new title!

Timelie: Omen is not just Timelie with a subtitle, but It’s a whole new game or you can say that Omen is a reboot of Timelie(We hinted that from the last blog!). We have enhanced graphics and improved gameplay to give a new experience that has never been made in any videogames before.

The story took place before the event that occurs in the original Timelie. Omen focus on the story of 2 girls who possessed the power which grants vision to foresee the upcoming future and started questioning their own lives.

Therefore, Timelie: Omen will be an episodic game. which the story is seperated into three parts. Episode 1 will be release in summer 2017.

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