pHacktory Ready For Launch

The day is finally here.

After months of planning, and a wildly successful test run, pHacktory is ready for launch!

This journey began more than a year ago, when the vision of Andrew Pelling became a community-driven collective called pHacktory.

Our goal has always been to bring science to the streets, to curate curiosity in the community, and starting today, we have lift-off.

We are now accepting submissions for pHacktory-sponsored projects from the community. Simply go to to find out more about our submissions process, and send us your audacious idea.

If you are a hacker, scientist, tinkerer, botanist, philosopher, pianist, chef or dentist, and you have an idea that sounds just crazy enough that it might work — we want to hear from you.

pHacktory is all about combining things that shouldn’t go together, poking at things that should be left alone, and discovering things that no one else even thought to consider.

Our initial call for ideas is open until April 30, so grab your favourite caffeinated beverage, and let’s change the world.