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Top 5 NFT games to play and earn in 2022

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As a gamer myself, earning money by playing video games has been one of my dreams. And I am sure if you are into video games, you may have thought about getting money for playing your favorite game as well.

But it wasn’t possible back then. Esports became an enormous scene in the late 2000s when big companies started investing in the gaming industry.

Although, only a few players who were highly skilled received the opportunity to be a part of it. And even fewer of them actually made millions of dollars.

But with NFT games, you can earn money for playing games. Your time and money investment doesn’t go in vain.

So, what are the top NFT games?

Let’s find out what NFT games are and what games you can play to earn rewards and even some bank balance for investing your time.

Check out our top NFT games list!

What are NFT games?

Before moving on to the NFT games, let’s start with a brief introduction of NFTs for people who don’t know about them.

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. And it’s a type of cryptocurrency. In simple terms, non-fungible can be considered as something “non-replaceable.”

An NFT token consists of blockchain technology with a unique identification code and metadata. Thanks to the unique identification code, each NFT is different and technically holds a significant value that is not replaceable.

For example, if Nike comes up with a pair of shoes that are the only ones on the planet, it holds a significant value. That’s how NFTs are!

Now, what are NFT games?

The NFT games are based on blockchain technology that allows you to earn unique in-game assets within the game.

And players can sell each in-game asset for specific cryptocurrencies.

An NFT game combines gaming elements with blockchain technology to give users more control over in-game items like characters, skins, virtual lands, etc.

Blockchain allows the developers to keep the rarity of in-game items. And when a player receives such crypto assets, they have ownership of these items.

It makes NFT games a win-win for both game developers and players.

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So what are the top NFT games?

Now you know about NFT games, let’s move on to the best NFT games to play in 2022. Like other games, these NFT games differ in genre, design, and playing experience.

1. Gods Unchained

It wouldn’t be fair to exclude Gods Unchained from our top NFT games list. Using both free-to-play and play-to-earn models, this game is getting more popular every day.

Gods Unchained is based on the good old trading card game genre where players engage in PvP battles to win rewards. Players can get cards by winning matches or buying them from other fellow gamers on the platform.

Tactics and strategy are highly valued as the matchups are based on similar ratings of players to keep fairness. And players get experience points once they win a battle.

Once players complete their experience bar, they get a new deck of cards. Each card is an ERC-721 token that makes them tradeable at the open marketplace of the platform.

According to their website, they made $1.3 million in half a month.

Players receive payments in the form of GODS coins which is Ethereum-based currency.

2. Axie Infinity

axie infinity

If you have been a pokemon fan or have watched the Pokemon series in the past, you will love Axie Infinity.

Axie Infinity is an Ethereum-based game with an ongoing increasing player-base. Players collect NFT-based creatures (called Axies), engage in PvP battles, quests and breed new Axies. The new breeds have the strengths and weaknesses of their parent Axies.

These NFT creatures are tradeable at Ethereum exchanges. Their price depends on the strengths, weaknesses, and rarity.

But you can’t start playing Axie Infinity right away. You have to buy 3 Axies before you start playing this game.

Players win Smooth Love Potion (SLP) whenever they complete a quest or win a PvP battle. SLP is an ERC-20 utility token i.e., the native currency of the platform.

Another ERC-20 token is Axis Infinity Shard (AXS), the governance currency for Axie Infinity.

What can you do with this currency? It’s for breeding the new Axies. Sounds fun, right?

3. Battle of Guardians

battle of guardians

This one claims to be the best NFT fighting game among the games of Metaverse. Battle of Guardians is developed on Unreal Engine with the Solana network.

In this fighting game, players engage in PvP battles among different realms of the Metaverse. Players have to fight against each other to earn rewards, and only the victorious get NFT rewards.

It offers multiple rewards and NFT assets to earn real-life money.

The graphics are great, and the gameplay is quite engaging, making it one of the best picks among the NFT games.

Battle of Guardians shows long-term potential and aims to create a secure play-to-earn platform.

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4. Illuviam


An RPG game that combines Ethereum blockchain with AAA immersive gaming experience, easily one of the best nft games.

It takes you into an alien world where you can collect digital creatures (Illuvials) with unique abilities and compete against other players.

According to Illuviam, they have 100+ Illuvials to collect. Each of them possesses different classes, abilities, and affinities. Players can even fuse them to create more powerful forms and upgrade them.

The fun part is you have your own character to move around and have fun tinkering with different parts of the landscape.

Plus, thanks to Immutable X, there are zero fees for peer-to-peer trading. And your in-game collectibles are your assets.

Illuviam will be available to the public in 2022.

5. The Sandbox 3D

Sandbox 3d

The Sandbox 3D is hands down one of the top NFT games. A voxel-based virtual metaverse where people can buy lands, play games, and create their own games too.

This platform offers tools to create and animate objects that are tradeable in marketplaces.

You can be an artist, collector, landholder, game developer, or just wander around different places as an explorer.

It’s quite similar to famous titles like Roblox, Minecraft, and Second-Life where players can create different stuff.

But one thing that separates it from such game titles is blockchain technology. SAND (ERC-20 token) is the usable currency in this Metaverse.

Another NFT token is LAND which is the most valuable asset in this platform. It made $8.5 million in sales in April 2021.

Interested in having an NFT game community or leagues?

It’s usual for gamers to look for communities to join, communicate, and play with other players.

But sometimes, the geographical barriers or different time zones don’t allow you to interact with players from other regions. But no need to worry about it anymore, thanks to is an online esports platform that allows you to create communities, tournaments, and, more specifically, play with gamers across different regions.

This platform is created for gamers by gamers. It tackles all the issues that every player faces in their gaming experience.

You can sign up for free right now!

Final Thoughts

So it’s our top NFT games list.

NFTs are becoming the next big thing. Is it a fad? Will it be over soon? Nobody knows that. But the progress and potential we see are endless.

The global market is expected to be worth $300 billion by 2030. Meaning it is the right time to hop on this trend.

And as the gaming industry keeps growing, the introduction of NFTs in games promises the immense potential for blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Do you have a plan to invest in NFTs? Or want to create an NFT platform?

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