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1,000+ Nodes, 3,000+ Accounts, 19,000+ Extrinsics: Testnet Rorschach Data Recap

On August 20th, the main event of Testnet Rorchach Incentive Program came to its end. Rorschach, as the second version of Phala Network (among the 4 stages), has successfully completed the basic functional test tasks that will prepare Phala well for the upcoming updates and parachain integration:

If the first testnet was like the infancy of Phala, testnet “Rorschach” marks the youth age, outlined by more features and distinctiveness of Phala product. With complete functions, we are ready to welcome a wide range of mining tests by miners in the next phase of testnet.

Cover of testnet Rorschach incentive program

During the past 30 days, according to and Phala client data, 3,117 accounts were created and 19,449 extrinsics were processed, which is 30 times and 58 times more than the last version. Nearly 10% of the addresses were created for Gatekeeper node running.

Trend of active accounts. Source:
Pie chart of address type. Source: Phala Testnet &

Record-maker of Node Running

Thanks to the crazy enthusiasm of Phala community, Phala ranked as the 1st on Polkadot Telemetry only 4 days after we published the tutorial for node setting. And Only 6 days after the launch of Testnet Rorschach Incentive Program, the number of nodes had exceeded 1,000. Testnet Rorschach, then, chalked up the record of maintaining 1,000 nodes for over 20 days in Polkadot ecosystem.


Trend of online node numbers during the incentive program. Source: Polkadot Telemetry

More than 30% of the nodes ran over 21 days (including Gatekeeper nodes). And the node running event attracted participants from more than 30 countries and 90 cities, mainly from Asia, Europe, and North America.

Pie chart of node running duration. Source: Phala testnet
Source: Polkadot Telemetry

NPoS: The Gatekeeper of Phala Protocol

Gatekeepers, like validators in Polkadot, are of great value to Phala network. Although there are SGX mandatory requirements for devices and quota restrictions, the number of gatekeepers continued to outstrip supply during the program, eventually increasing to 120. Among them, more than 37% of gatekeepers ran more than 80 eras.

Number of Gatekeeper nodes. Source: Phala testnet

We prepared 30,000 PHA for full-node running and 70,000 PHA for Gatekeeper set up. According to the awakening points dashboard, the maximum reward of a Gatekeeper node is 343 PHA/device, and 30 PHA/device for full-nodes (reward detail will be published later).

It is estimated that there will be 2,125 full-nodes sharing 30,000 PHA and 216 Gatekeeper nodes sharing 70,000 PHA. The distribution of the prize pool will be as follows:

Distribution of full-node prize giving
Distribution of gatekeeper prize giving

Dark Wallet

So far, Phala Network has processed 1,953 private transfers, during which there occurred 982 times of TEE-blockchain two-way communication and 688 times of between-TEE communication. Such transfers would not be detected as “transfers” but “phalamodules” in explorers on which transfer records will be visible yet the detail (amount) will stay private😏.

Extrinsics occurred in different modules. Source: Phala testnet

Output and Community

Phala has received 14 tutorials (5 from Chinese community, 4 from Russian community, 4 from English community and 1 from Vietnamese community) and 7 pieces of Rorschach text art. They will be on Phala Medium covers 😎.

Phala global community-scale grew by 36.5%, as our English community embraced over 1,000 new friends (+163.8%). Phala gained more than 2,000 new social media followers, and the top3 nations which care privacy most are the United States, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

In addition to Russian and Italian communities, we are now building French, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Bangladesh communities. If you happen to be a privacy believer and are enthusiastic about building Web3 with Phala, please join us, contribute docs and translations, and win PHA for your work. :)

Staked bar of Phala community growth. Source: Phala WeChat/Telegram/Discord
Distribution of Phala follower nationality. Source: Twitter Statistics

The Prize Giving

1. The Awakening of Nodes

The timing of the Awakening of Nodes has stopped on UTC 10:00 am, Aug 20. You can check your points at:

As there are 2,000 node addresses to be confirmed, there will be 7 days for reward confirming after the reward list is published. Please stay tuned in the community group or follow @PhalaNetwork on Twitter.

2. Test and Claim

Up to now, 301 users have completed Test and Claim bounty. Each of them will receive 10 PHA for testing Phala functions 🎉. Compared Phala testnet PoC-1, the number of participants increased by 201%.

Test and Claim rewards will be available until the next upgrade (PoC-3).

Prize-giving of Test and Claim:

3. Tutorial Writing and Text Art Submitting

Let’s give appreciation to these talented friends for their contribution of tutorial writing. Their work will be part of the soul of Phala community, which is meaningful both to Phala team and the newcomers. :)

And we want to give thanks to these text art creators. It’s our honor to have you participated and contributed such COOL work for Phala world 🤘🏻

List of Works:

by @overmack
by Vlady Limes
by @ElektroCrypto

Winner list:

4. Secret Oracle Game

for function improvement, the Secret Oracle Game didn’t start until Aug 13, and it will run until Aug 28.

It’s an easy and simple game built on Phala secret transfer. Predict the token price the next day by transferring secret tPHA to a specific address, 5 winners whose prediction is most close to real-time price will receive PHA. Get Started here →

Winner list:

In Feb 2020, Phala Community was born;

In Mar 2020, when it came to testnet PoC-1, there were only 1,000+ members in Phala community, with only 100 of them participating in testnet incentive program and 300+ extrinsics.

Jul 2020, Testnet Rorschach was born. Phala is now a community of 7 languages and over 7,000 members in a global scale. We even created a record on Polkadot Telemetry.

Thank you all for witnessing the growth of Phala. 🤟

Sep 2020, see you in Matrix Mining.

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