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24,961,006 K-PHA Distributed as Planned, Claimable on Phala Wallet! | Phala Weekly Vol.44

Dev Updates

  1. Phala Blockchain
  • Final work before public mining test event
  • Stake pool
  • pHost named to pHerry
  • perry and pRuntime compatibility with Khala
  • Many improvements and bug fixes
  • More coverage of unit tests

2. Khala Parachain

  • Fixed “chain-stuck” problem
  • enhanced Polkadot-launch to prep for public mining testnet
  • Integrated Phala
  • Sent rewards on Khala for Crowdloan contributors and Phala event participants
  • Published Phala wallet

  1. PRB
  • Adapting to Khala
  • API
  • pRuntime
  • Switch to Protobuf-based API

2. ChainBridge-based PHA token two-way (ETH <> Khala) bridge

  • Fixing blocking issue that prevents us from bringing the bridge online

Community & Ecosystem

  • Community Stats:

Activities & News

  • Phala has entered Darwinia Network’s Evolution Land Metaverse, a DeFi+ NFT game application, on July 22, along with about a dozen other early entrants to the game.
  • A Polkadot & Friends Meetup was jointly held by the Web3 Foundation, Parity, and PolkaWorld at Hangzhou in China on July 22. Gavin Wood, Parity’s Asia tech director Dr. Yaoqi, Patract Labs, and Zenlink gave speeches. As one of the first of the 5 Kusama Parachain projects, Phala CEO Marvin represented Phala in a fireside talk with representatives for Karura, Moonriver, Shiden, and Bifrost.
  • The Phala team unlocked the first tranche of Kusama auction rewards (34%), as scheduled, and issued rewards for the previous testnet races and contributions on July 23. K-PHA on Khala and ERC20 PHA will be exchangeable at a 1:1 ratio through an upcoming cross-chain bridge. At this point, Khala’s launch journey is nearly half complete. Entering the mid-Jurassic Age, we will look forward to the following major events: the launch of the ETH → Khala one-way bridge, the appointment of members of the council, the referendum on new TEE token economics, the removal of Sudo , and a referendum on opening transfers. The reward list can be found here 👇
  • July 24, the Phala Wallet at was officially launched. Phala Wallet will become an app hub as we develop new tools for the Phala ecosystem. Users can claim their Khala Crowdloan and Vendetta testnet rewards easily by following this guide:

About Phala

Phala Network tackles the issue of trust in the computation cloud.

This blockchain is a trustless computation platform that enables massive cloud processing without sacrificing data confidentiality. Built around TEE-based privacy technology already embedded into modern processors, Phala Network’s distributed computing cloud is versatile and confidential. By separating the consensus mechanism from computation, Phala ensures processing power is highly scalable but not wasteful. Together, this creates the infrastructure for a powerful, secure, and scalable trustless computing cloud.

As a member parachain of the Polkadot cross-chain ecosystem, Phala will be able to provide computing power to other blockchain applications while protecting the data layer, enabling possibilities like privacy-protected DeFi trading positions and transaction history, co-computing DID confidential data, developing light-node cross-chain bridges, and more.

On-chain services currently being developed on Phala Network include Web3 Analytics: high-performance smart contracts from Phala to enable highly concurrent mass data analytics with privacy, paving the way for an alternative to Google Analytics that inherently respects individual confidentiality.

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