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Khala Network Kusama Slot Auction Recap

At 16:42 on July 13th (SGT), the Web3 cloud computing project Khala, by Phala Network, successfully won the auction for the fourth parachain slot on Kusama. 🎆The winning bid was 132,280 KSM, which was nearly the same as the winner of the previous slot auction.

Khala will connect to Kusama as a parachain and network tests will be started. After a period of smooth block generation, the referendum for the new economic model and the TEE mining test will be started. TEEs will be evaluated based on the voting results and test results. All of this will be done on-chain.🛫️

Thank you for your support over the past 33 days. We’ve decided to provide a brief recap of this journey; read on.

1. Data overview

On the evening of June 11, Khala Crowdloan Dapp was officially launched. 33 days later, 132,280 KSM contributed by 2,759 addresses helped Khala win the fourth round of the first set of Kusama slot auctions.

During this period, the highest single-day pledge amount appeared on July 8th: a total of 217 addresses pledged 58,243.84 KSM for Khala.

In addition to the Khala Crowdloan Dapp, third-party organizations with custodial KSM that are following this auction have also opened voting channels for Khala. Per public data, there are 19,695.3318 KSM from MEXC, Kraken, Nutbox, OKEx, KuCoin, and Gate.

A total of 388 user addresses participated in the referral process, and they will receive 46,204.30 PHA in extra rewards.

The most active address made 252 referrals, and they will receive 458.158 PHA in referral rewards (as will those they invited). The 9th most active referrer only made 16 referrals, but because their referrals added so much KSM to the Crowdloan, they have earned 5270.0963 PHA in referral rewards!

During the Kusama Parachain Slot auction (6/11–7/13), Khala attracted the attention of users from 159 countries around the world. 53% of users access Khala Crowdloan Page via mobile phones, 46% via computers, and 0.8% used tablets.

The top 10 countries/regions with the largest number of cumulative users visiting the Khala Crowloan Page were: China, Indonesia, the United States, India, Vietnam, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Hong Kong, France, and Russia; with an average of 759 daily visits to the Khala Crowdloan page.

2. NFT rewards

According to Khala’s Crowdloan bidding strategy, all users who pledged KSM for Khala before the second round of slot auctions on June 22 will receive an additional “Early Bird Honor Gem NFT”. According to the data, a total of 959 KSM addresses contributed 17658.5828 KSM during the early bird period. We’re grateful for their early wave of support for Khala!

In addition, all users who pledged 1 KSM or more in a single address will also receive the Khala Honor Gem NFTs. A total of 1952 addresses (70.82% of the total) contributed between 1 and 50 1 KSM and will receive the Color Honor Gem NFT. Another 184 KSM addresses (6.74% of the total) contributed more than 50 KSM and will receive the Sparkling Honor Gem NFT.

3. Market activities

During the auction period from June 11th to July 13th, we released a total of:

  • 6 WeChat public account articles, garnering 22,064 views;
  • 30 original Tweets, which received 2,968,857 exposures and 218,700 interactions;
  • 4 Newsletters, with 7,231 people clicking through to view.

In addition to content output, the Phala team also organized and participated in a wealth of online activities:

  • 11 online AMAs🎙️, preaching Khala’s parachain bidding strategy, about Phala, and distributing 5794.9 PHA candy rewards;
  • 1 airdrop💰: 30,000 PHA was dropped through CoinMarketCap to help the Khala Crowdloan event, with 5000+ participants;
  • 1 MEME creation event with a 1,000 PHA prize pool, receiving 30 submissions from users around the world, with 18 selected as winners.

3.3 Media & Communities Growth

In the past 33 days, the popularity of the Phala universe has surged. Twitter followers have increased 112%, from 50,000+ before the auction to more than 100,000!🚀

The total number of users in the other global community increased by nearly 24,000 during this period, an increase of 43.7%. Currently, the total number of Phala fans worldwide is 220,000+.🌍

4. Khala launch plan

Next, Khala will connect to the Kusama network and carry out the following tasks:

About Phala

Phala Network tackles the issue of trust in the computation cloud.

This blockchain is a trustless computation platform that enables massive cloud processing without sacrificing data confidentiality. Built around TEE-based privacy technology already embedded into modern processors, Phala Network’s distributed computing cloud is versatile and confidential. By separating the consensus mechanism from computation, Phala ensures processing power is highly scalable but not wasteful. Together, this creates the infrastructure for a powerful, secure, and scalable trustless computing cloud.

As a member parachain of the Polkadot cross-chain ecosystem, Phala will be able to provide computing power to other blockchain applications while protecting the data layer, enabling possibilities like privacy-protected DeFi trading positions and transaction history, co-computing DID confidential data, developing light-node cross-chain bridges, and more.

On-chain services currently being developed on Phala Network include Web3 Analytics: high-performance smart contracts from Phala to enable highly concurrent mass data analytics with privacy, paving the way for an alternative to Google Analytics that inherently respects individual confidentiality.

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