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Meet Phala Team at Consensus 2022!

As an annual top event in the blockchain industry, Consensus 2022 will attract a large number of crypto enthusiasts, developers, NFTs collectors, etc. Everyone can all find topics they are interested in and participate. Phala will also participate in this event as a sponsor this year.

Phala at Consensus 2022 — Austin, Texas, USA

📅 June 9–12

📍Location: Booth No.345

Swing by and meet our team members:

  • Marvin Tong, Co-founder of Phala Network
  • Zoé Meckbach, Growth Lead & Council Member
  • Jojo Zhou, Global Marketing Manager
  • Joshua Waller, Developer Advocate

Phala Co-founder Marvin has a speaking slot at 11am — 12pm CDT, Austin Convention Center, Foundations Stage 2 on June 11th.

Also, we have prepared exquisite gifts just for the C22 participants at booth 345. Our team members will be more than happy to introduce the latest progress of Phala Network and PhalaWorld!

Besides the exhibit, we are also co-hosting a party with OAK Network and other parachains on June 9, 2022, from 5:30 PM — 9:30 PM CDT. We invite you to join our party if you’d like to have a casual chat and grab some drinks.

Register here and seats are limited! (DM @PhalaNetwork’s Twitter for access code)

If you’re a developer, you’re welcome to attend Encode Austin Hackathon and take the Phala challenge.

Beyond Consensus 2022

There are many events during Consensus 2022 Summit which are also very exciting and great for social. Phala team has collected event information to share with you.

You also can find Phala team at Austin Hacker House and NFT.NYC.

We looks forward to meeting you all!

About Phala

Phala Network tackles the issue of trust in the computation cloud.

By organizing a decentralized network of computation nodes around the world, it offers high-performance services without relying on any cloud vendor. Phala workers run the programs in Secure Enclaves, a privacy technology already embedded into modern processors, enabling versatile and confidential execution. Together, this creates the infrastructure for a powerful, secure, and scalable trustless computing cloud.

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Phala Network is a decentralized cloud based on Substrate, and runs as a parachain in the Polkadot ecosystem to offer computing power comparable to existing cloud services but which offers secure and scalable computing.

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