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Miner Tutorial Coming Soon | Phala Weekly v0.2.100

What’s New

  1. Phala partnered with Bluzelle on decentralized storage and privacy 🎊.
  2. You can now generate your own Phala Tip Cards on OpenGenerator🌟


  • Miner tutorials and the open testing of Testnet Vendetta may be published soon by the end of this week
  • Drafting of Vendetta Incentive Program started
  • The theoretical upper limit of online miner nodes has been increased to 100,000
  • The Docker-based rapid deployment testing started
  • 58 developers have passed Phala ecosystem challenge on Polkadot Hello World! Hackathon (which will come to its end by Nov 12), and 8 of them submitted cool privacy-protection apps such as IPFS secret filebox, secret notebook, decentralized password manager, etc.
  • Marvin, CEO of Phala Network, was invited to 2 online AMAs hold respectively by CoinW and BBNews.
  • Korean followers can now find and learn Phala on Xangle.

Dev Updates

  • PoC-3 ERC20 Token Swapping unsigned transaction and unit tests (PR 76, PR 77)
  • Upgrade the base Substrate version for Phala-Node and resolve compiler issues (Commit)
  • Upgrade pRuntime to Teaclave SGX SDK 1.13; fix compiler compatibility (Commit)
  • Add MREnclave whitelist (PR 81)
  • Redesigned the mining and heartbeat algorithm that can scale up to 100k miners in principle
  • Create and fully test the new Docker-based rapid deployment (Repo phala-docker)

Community & Ecosystem


  • Marvin was invited to 2 online AMAs hold respectively by CoinW and BBNews.
  • ANOTHER HACKATHON IS COMING! Right after Hello World!, we will launch a university hackathon together with Polkadot, Encode, and another 3 Polka ecosystem projects. Detail 👇

About Phala

A Substrate-based confidential smart contract platform on which you can develop confidential-preserving and privacy-first blockchain apps. Member of Substrate Builders Program starting lineup. Recipient of Web3 Foundation Grant.

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