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More TEE Devices Will be Allowed on PoC 3 Network | Phala Weekly v 0.3.08

Dev Updates

  • Redesigning register_worker, to loosen the requirement of Intel Remote Attestation that allowing some TEE devices online which denied on PoC 3 network.
  • Reimplementing PHost.
  • Working on the computing tasks module.
  • We have updated the miner program client and optimized mining scripts. It would be more convenient and efficient for miners to do configuration.

To get the scripts immediately, please click:

  • Preparing the Pre-mainnet online list.
  • Preparing connects with Rococo V1 testnet and merges the code.
  • Demonstrating the economic model of the network resource system.


  • Within the Phala testnet Vendetta incentive program came to its end, we summarized this activity from multi-dimensions. The peak number of online miners tops 1,357 🗺️, as the computing power tops 440,000 during the race🚀. 700,000 PHA will be shared with 131 miners💰. Just click Vendetta incentive program roundup to know more details.
  • Phala community roundup 2020 was published last Friday. Through this report, you may have a clear understanding of what Phala achieved in the past 365 days exactly,and how we distributed 1,434,924 PHA.
  • We received 2 articles from one translator last week✍️. One of the content is related to Polkadot & Gitcoin「Hello World」 Hackathon use cases under Phala bounty. If you want to become a contributor to the Phala Universe in the content area, please kindly check below:

  • Community stats:
    Last week, the Phala media channels increased by 1425 followers, and 499 people joined our communities worldwide.


  • Jan 12th:14:30~16:30,attending an AMA held by WhaleEx.
  • Also, there will be an exciting community growth cooperation event released next week, so stay tuned!

About Phala

Phala Network is a light, powerful, and secure trusted-hardware-based confidential smart contract, dedicating itself to be a novel privacy computing cloud and provide privacy computing and services for all users and companies. Phala Network will be a parachain on Polkadot and a solution to the next-generation privacy protection. Member of the Confidential Computing Consortium (CCC). Recipient of 2 Web3 Foundation Grants.

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