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Phala Weekly v0.2.92


  1. PHA was first launched on Huobi Global on 11 Sep, then listed on DEX and CEX such as MXC, Bibox, Boboo, Hotbit, and Uniswap.



2. Completed development of encryption of W3A SDK and performance assessment of PoC3 TEE client.


  1. Completed end-to-end encryption development of W3A SDK.
  2. Completed program development of PoC-3 TEE miner scoring system.
  3. Developing:
  • Backend encryption of W3A contract;
  • Libra light validation node and signing in confidential smart contract;
  • parachain implementation on testnet Rococo.


Main communities: International 3,366 (+543) | Chinese 7,337 (+490)(+130)

Local communites: Russian 227 (+22) | Italian 121 (+12) | Traditional Chinese 130 (+31) | Bengal 889 (-38) | Spanish 26 (+9) | Vietnam 19 (+9)

Global followers: Twitter 7,331 | Wechat official account 8,126 (+314)

  1. Updated tutorials of reward claiming DApp;
  2. Adjusted community bounty system in the CN community.

About Phala

A Substrate-based confidential smart contract blockchain on which you can develop confidentiality-preserving and privacy-first blockchain apps. Member of Substrate Builders Program starting lineup. Recipient of Web3 Foundation Grant. Phala will be a parachain of Polkadot, freeing the privacy computing power of countless CPUs to provide confidentiality-preserving function for all blockchains.

Try W3A Dev Demo

Website | Twitter | Github | Telegram | Discord


Testnet PoC-3: Festival of TEE Mining



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Phala Network

Phala Network

Infrastructure of Web3.0 privacy protection