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Phala Join PolkaPet World and to Launch Own PolkaPet NFT on February 17th

We, Phala Network, are excited to announce the launch of our own PolkaPet in the PolkaPet world!

PolkaPets is an NFT Collectible Card where each PolkaPet, embodied as an artistic creature, represents a specific project within the PolkaPet ecosystem. The abilities, behaviors, and strengths of this creature are connected to the specific vision of the Polkadot project of which that creature represents.

PolkaPets will be the first-ever digital collectible card game that features Polkadot projects in interactive and immersive gameplay. It is the PolkaPets team’s answer to making blockchain more interactive for community members.

What is our PolkaPet?

Phala’s PolkaPet is a magical digital pet with a long snout, a coat of black, fluffy fur, and green paws. It likes the dark side and shadow, which is why it usually lives underground.

Phala’s NFT is not just an NFT for MEME and fun; holders are also treated like VIPs in the Phala community. Having a Phala’s NFT shows that you are early supporters, fans, and core community members of the Phala Network! But this collectible NFT goes beyond just having value as art, it adds unique utility to our ecosystem for NFT holders.

Phala’s PolkaPet is attracted to shiny and magical things, so it collects coins and tokens from the surface to bring into the underground world! With this magical digital pet, you will be able to carry blocks into the darkworld and transfer valuable digital assets into DarkPool of Phala Network!

Phala Network NFT Sale Details

Phala’s NFT will have only 800 prints available for a limited-time sale on Wednesday (and 400 prints reserved for future promotions.)

At 4 PM EST on Wednesday, February 17th, these PolkaPets cards will be available for sale on BondSwap.

Each card will cost 0.15 Ethereum and can also be purchased with $BONDLY tokens.

You can buy the cards here:

Phala Network NFT Value and Utility

1. Utility within Phala Network core product, pBridges.

  • Priority access to the first batch of pBridges! Phala’s PolkaPet will reduce your costs when transferring other blockchain assets into Phala.

2. Phala Network ecosystem utility.

  • As a VIP of the Phala community, you will have bonus perks in many Phala community campaigns! This includes MODs, volunteers, TEE test events, testnet events…
  • You’ll be invited to first-round trials of many Phala-based products! These include Web3 Analytics, pDiem, pBTC/pDOGE/pBTG, Darkpool…
  • You’ll get airdrops for many future NFTs/tokens built on Phala Network…

3. Verifiably scarce and limited edition art.

4. Access to PolkaPets world, the world’s first blockchain-based, collectible monsters game.

Why are We Excited to Join the PolkaPet World?

NFTs have become hugely popular with crypto users and companies alike because of the way they revolutionized the gaming and collectibles space. We look forward to exploring this new area with PolkaPets.

More About PolkaPets

Your PolkaPet friends are the first step in having crypto-collectibles in the real-world. The PolkaPet collectibles will be the bridge between digital collectibles and real-world tangible cards and will help develop demand for NFTs as space continues to develop.

The goal of PolkaPets is to create a world-wide community with their global partners and bring people together in an effort to educate and innovate on the power of NFTs. With many more announcements to come, the team of PolkaPets is continuously working on this game. Stay tuned for further information.

About Phala

Phala Network is a light, powerful, and secure confidential smart contract platform which runs contracts in trusted hardware enclaves inside processors, creating a novel privacy computing cloud with private computing and services for both users and companies.

Phala Network will be a parachain on Polkadot and a solution to our next-generation privacy needs. Member of the Confidential Computing Consortium (CCC). Recipient of 2 Web3 Foundation Grants.

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Phala Network is a privacy-preserving cloud computing service, based on Substrate, and will run as a parachain in the Polkadot ecosystem to offer computing power comparable to existing cloud services but which protects the privacy of managed programs.

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