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In 2022, Phala Network took major strides in 4 key areas, decentralization, innovation, utility, and community:

  • 18k+ servers, providing 142k+ vCPUs, running in over 50 cities;
  • 1,434 commits and 408 PR’s across all our repos;
  • Phat Contract, our flagship revolutionary product, is feature complete and in closed beta;
  • 141 events held in 14 countries and 18 cities worldwide, reaching over 230,000 people.

In 2023, Phala is going to build on all of this, and begin to change trustless computation.

🧩 Phat Contract

Taking computation off-chain, a serverless SDK you can write almost anything with.

1. Establish Phat Contract as a core part of the Web 3 builders stack

  • Phat Contract 1.0 on the mainnet Expected Q1

Revolutionary “Stake to Compute” model, say goodbye to gas fees.

  • “Phat Bricks” Expected Q1

A no-code experience to configure reusable Phat Contract for specific use cases like Oracles.

  • Even more “Phat Bricks” Expected Q2

Ever wider multi-chain and use case support.

  • Phat Contract 2.0 Expected Q3/Q4

Asynchronous Phat Bricks. Opening up a whole new world of possibilities.

2. Build the best developer experience in Web3

  • One-click Phat Contract development environment Expected Q2
  • Phala Builders Program “Free Staking” Expected Q2

Free compute for every new user.

  • Phat Contract Academy Expected Q3

3. Take our place as industry pioneers

  • Showcase the best of “Phat Bricks” and community innovation online and offline. Year Round

🗺️ Compute

Securely scaling your off-chain compute needs, a decentralised cloud of secure workers.

1. Next-generation Phala Compute

  • 2nd Gen Expected Q1

Lay the foundation for Phat Contract 1.0 and the first “Public Good” cluster.

  • 3rd Gen Expected Q3/Q4

Implement full Layer 1 tokenomics to allow anyone to run a Phat Contract capable cluster.

  • 4th Gen Expected 2024

“SideVM” release enabling long-running Phat Contract processes.

2. Expand supported secure worker technologies

  • SGX 2.0 Expected Q3/Q4
  • Add a second hardware implementation Expected Q3/Q4

🧬 PhalaWorld

A digital representation of your progression on the Phala Network.

1. Build out our NFT Marketplace experience

  • 1.0

Supporting the trade & transfer of Shell NFT and StakePoolV2 NFT.

  • 2.0 Expected Q3/Q4

Shell Equipment NFT Trading.

2. Continue to innovate and open the experience to even more players

  • Visualize all your Phala NFTs Expected Q2

A unique experimental feature.

  • Release PhalaWorld’s first game feature Expected Q3/Q4

Challenge other players!

3. Work with RMRK to bring CypherMod to market

  • CyperMod 1.0 Expected Q3/Q4

Hello EVM “Dressup”.

🥷 Super Secret Product

A DeFi engine leveraging Phat Contracts cross-chain capability.

Show the true power and functionality of Phat Contract in an industry-defining product offering

  • 1.0 Expected Q2/Q3

🎯 Overall

Past our 4 core products, there are several key areas we want to continue pushing forward:

1. Elevate our Presence and Message

2. Ever deeper investment in Research and Development

  • Refreshed technical whitepaper. Expected Q3/Q4
  • Tokenomics whitepaper vNext. Expected Q3/Q4

About Phala

Phala Network is a decentralized cloud that offers secure and scalable computing for Web3.

With Phat Contracts, an innovative programming model enabling trustless off-chain computation, developers can create new Web3 use cases.

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