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Phala Network at ETHDenver 2022

Phala at ETHDenver

What is a Fat Contract?

  • For low latency requirements, such as in multiplayer online games
  • Scenarios of off-chain interoperation, such as Oracle, decentralized chat, or communication services (Telegram or email)
  • Scenarios where privacy matters, such as data market platform
  • Large-scale real-time computing programs, such as Metaverse, games, NFT rendering, artificial intelligence (recommendation engine, etc.)

Come Through, Bring The Crew!

We Are Hiring!

🙋 Rust Blockchain Core Software Engineer

  • Substrate Pallets and Ink! smart contract development
  • Develop core system including WASM VM, storage, and network
  • Develop advanced features including HTTP request, network routing, distributed db, etc
  • Explore the application on Phala
  • Documentation, testing, release

About Phala



Phala Network is a decentralized cloud based on Substrate, and runs as a parachain in the Polkadot ecosystem to offer computing power comparable to existing cloud services but which offers secure and scalable computing.

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