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10 Questions About Phala You Should Know

1. What is Phala Network?

2. Who founded Phala?

3. What product does Phala have?

  • pDiem: a confidential computation component built for Libra granted by Web3 foundation
  • Web3 Analytics: a cutting-edge data analysis tool for next-generation, able to analyze user data and output results without invading personal privacy.

As Phala Network grows, there would be more amazing applications and services based on Phala to serve people and our communities.

4. What technology does Phala apply?

An example:
Google wants the DAU (Daily Active User) data in the recent 100 days on Facebook. Facebook is willing to share yet worrying about user data leak. Here’s how they could perfectly solve the problem with Phala Network:

1. Google developers write their requests into codes on Phala Network and send them to Facebook;

2. Facebook developers receive the requests and started to run the codes locally in Facebook’s nodes;

3. Only results are outputted and sent to Google, instead of all activity information containing sensitive user data.

5. What’s the difference between Phala and projects of the same kind?

6. Is it complicated to integrate Phala’s technology?

  1. To integrate Phala Network through ETH bridges
  2. To develop on Phala Network with WASM languages (try automatic transfer with a Solidity-WASM complier!)

For our products such as Web3 Analytics, it would only take a few more minutes to enable Phala’s function!

7. What’s the total supply of PHA?

8. Where can I learn about Phala’s Token Economics?

9. When will Phala’s testnet and mainnet be ready?

  • Testnet: click to check the 4 stages of Phala testnet. ->Rorschach->Vendetta
  • Mainnet: After the Kusama & Polkadot slot auction .

Mining would be available as the mainnet launched.

10. Why should I join Phala’s community?

🌐Official Website | Twitter | Github | Telegram | Forum



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