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Phala to be Onboarded to Rococo V1 in Third Batch | Phala Weekly v 0.3.09

Dev Updates

💻Daily work

  • Phala pallet benchmark & weight (PR)
  • Various subxt fixes (PR PR)
  • Continually working on register_worker redesign
  • Continually working on PHost rewrite
  • Continually working on the computing tasks module

🔗Rococo V1

Phala submitted its application for parachain registration when Rococo V1 officially opened its registration last Monday.

Per the latest updates from Rococo team, Phala expects connection to Rococo V1 in the third batch with Darwinia, Crust, and HydraDX.

Community & Ecosystem

As of January 15th, the total number of Phala community members exceeded 33,000, on top of which there are 23,387 Global followers on Phala’s feeds. 👏 Our growth is impressive:

Twitter increased by 2k+ followers rapidly, and Telegram official group added 22k+ people with a 446.13% weekly growth rate🚀.

Community stats:


  • As the subject of PolkaProject’s Debut Guide #001, the first PolkaProject guide, Phala joined PolkaProject in an invitation campaign with 5,000 $PHA giveaway, which attracted 1,775 participants, and over 24,000 people into the Phala Network official Telegram group🔥. The Top 100 participants are receiving from 30 to 120 PHA as a reward.
Here is the checklist:
  • January 12th,LoopringBifrost and Phala attended a roundtable held by WhaleEx to shared thoughts about the Polkadot ecosystem and expectations for slot auctions.
  • January 13th, while discussing the recent spate of privacy coin delisting at Huoxing Finance Live studio, Marvin noted that delisting privacy coins were the inevitable trend for exchanges moving towards compliance. This may shift the market’s consensus view away from privacy coins and towards privacy projects. Entrepreneurs should give more attention to privacy projects, which meet increasing privacy needs for Internet companies while avoiding audit risks.
  • January 13th,Phala was chosen as a candidate for the 「Polkadot Ecosystem Carnival」 hosted by OKExgo vote for Phala!
  • January 15th,Phala Network partnered with Zenlink. With the support of Phala privacy-preserving technology, Zenlink gains a competitive advantage in its space and greatly improves its user experience by satisfying their needs for privacy cross-chain transactions. To celebrate this partnership, a 3-day airdrop activity held by Zenlink and Phala launched on the same day.

About Phala

Phala Network is a light, powerful, and secure confidential smart contract platform which runs contracts in trusted hardware enclaves inside processors, creating a novel privacy computing cloud with private computing and services for both users and companies.

Phala Network will be a parachain on Polkadot and a solution to our next-generation privacy needs. Member of the Confidential Computing Consortium (CCC). Recipient of 2 Web3 Foundation Grants.

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Phala Network

Phala Network

Infrastructure of Web3.0 privacy protection