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Phala Updates 0.1.6

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  • KSM Stakedrop Plan was officially announced, which won positive growth and attention from international followers.
  • Marvin, CEO of Phala, gave a short speech on the opening ceremony of Web3.0 Bootcamp.


  1. PoC-2 testnet:
  • Frontend adaption completed;
  • Integrating and running testing nodes;
  • Upgraded client-end node which supports BABE consensus.

2. Query tx receipts waiting to be merged;

3. On-going development:

  • PoC-2 testnet before-launch testing
  • frontend of KSM Stakedrop website


  1. Stats
  • Chinese: 1,637 (+6.78%)
  • International: 491 (+41.09%)
  • Global Followers: 8722 (+0.21%)

2. Launch Phala Helper Program in China. 2 Helpers have joined and will help with the management of Phala community, with 12 candidates waiting to be interviewed. English version coming this week.


  1. Marvin attended MathShow #003 by MathWallet, sharing about Phala’s confidential smart contract technology and KSM stakedrop rules on May 8.
  2. Hold KSM Stakedrop AMA on May 9 in our Discord server.
  3. Launched Phala Spaceship Fleet event in the Chinese community.

Phala Calender

  • May 13 — Hobit Polkadot Ecosystem AMA
  • May 15 —Phala KSM Stakedrop
  • May 15 — Bifrost × Phala Testnet Introduction AMA
  • May 27 — OG Group Privacy Computing Talk

About Phala

An early Substrate-based confidential smart contract blockchain on which you can develop confidential-preserving and privacy-first blockchain apps. Member of Parity Builders Program starting lineup. Recipient of Web3 Foundation Grant.

🌐Official Website | Twitter | Github | Telegram | Forum



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