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Phala Updates v0.1.92

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  • Attended Web3.0 Bootcamp Seminar “ Lesson 15: Privacy Protection on Blockchain" hold by Wanxiang Blockchain;
  • Had over 5,000 participants in Phala Spacefleet Competition (China).



  • Chinese: 6,556 (+28.93%)
  • International: 615 (+1.82%)
  • Global Followers: 9,455

Processing documentation and event designing of testnet PoC-2.


  • Welcome 3 new members of Phala team: a designer, a front-end developer, a community manager 🎉
  • Till June 15, Phala has sent 104,163 PHA to over 7,500 addresses and spent $546.71 on gas fee.

Preview of the next upgrade

Phala testnet PoC-2 campaign will be ⚡A HIT⚡ you can’t miss:

  • 🚀It will be the 1st fully-decentralized, node-accessible version with bilateral TEE-chain verification, which enables Phala network to be stable and scalable.
  • 🎁There will be ENOUGH rewards for node running, Gatekeeper (Validator), nominators and players (yes, a game on-chain)

About Phala

The 1st Substrate-based confidential smart contract platform on which you can develop secret-preserving and privacy-protecting blockchain apps. Member of Parity Builders Program starting lineup. Winner of Web3 Foundation Grant.

🌐Official Website | Twitter | Github | Telegram | Forum

Phala Calender




Phala Network is a privacy-preserving cloud computing service, based on Substrate, and will run as a parachain in the Polkadot ecosystem to offer computing power comparable to existing cloud services but which protects the privacy of managed programs.

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Phala Network

Phala Network

Infrastructure of Web3.0 privacy protection

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