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Phala was Awarded “The Most Innovative Technology of The Year” | Phala Weekly v0.3.06

🚀1605 Race

We now have 1,200+ TEE computing nodes (miners) running on Phala.🚀 More than 438,000 computing power contributed by 6,257 CPU cores. 5,150,400 Fires were mined. 🔥

⛰️GK Workshop

Last week, we had 1new GK joined Phala testnet. So far, Vendetta Testnet has accepted 12 goalkeepers, of which 6 are from China, 5 are from Italy, and 1 is from Russia.

Phala Building Bounty

Last week, we received 9 Phala peripheral designs, 3 full nodes, and 1 miner tutorial video in Phala Building Bounty Program. So far, a total of 21 participants around the world have completed 43 tasks, released 50 Phala NFTs, 27 Phala surroundings, and 6 community teaching videos.

According to the current points ranking, the prize pool distribution is as follows:

Dev Updates

  • Open-sourced the prototype of public mining pool Repo
  • Fixes several PoC 3 testnet bugs
  • Redesign the bridge to improve the performance and reliability
  • Launched on-chain runtime v21 to solve the issue depended on computation tasks

Community & Ecosystem

  • The 1605 Miner Race 2.0 will be launched at the beginning of 2021. 🚀
  • Designed and submitted several repack covers for WeChat group fans. 😎
  • Received 4 pieces of translation from @aoritus, @Pacobits, and @overmarck. Thank you for your time. 🍻
  • Received 10+ types of mainboards that have passed the Miner Hardware Type Bounty. The owners of them will each receive at least 30 PHA. 🎁
  • Released the Acala & Phala Cross-chain Demo through all media channels. Gavin Wood retweeted and commented with “Great work here …” The CN version was posted by Acala, PolkaWorld, and PolkaBase on Wechat.
  • Updated 2 important pieces of articles, Should We Kick Hardware out of Blockchain and W3A:The 1st Data Management App for Web Users
  • Released the mining tutorial of Crust & Phala, the “Golden Manual” column of Jinse Finance posted it on the headline
  • Prepared for New Year’s Eve live AMA & speech event of Jinse Finance and
  • Announced sponsorship of Rust 2020 conference as well as the conference information
  • Community stats:


  • Marvin introduced the development of the Polkadot ecosystem and shared his opinions with Darwinia, Bifrost, and ChainX on the Polkadot ecosystem panel talk hold by CryptoGram Community, and provide PHA as part of this event’s Christmas gift on 25th, Dec.
  • Phala was awarded “The Most Innovative Technology of The Year” together with 10+ other projects such as Chainlink and Grin, etc. by Jinse Finance at the Jinse Annual Conference, which, as we believe, is a great honor to keep us moving forward with more confidence and belief that privacy protection should definitely be the next ride of the blockchain hits.

About Phala

A Substrate-based confidential smart contract blockchain on which you can develop confidential-preserving and privacy-first blockchain apps. Member of Substrate Builders Program starting lineup. Recipient of Web3 Foundation Grant.

Website | Twitter | Github | Telegram | Discord




Phala Network is a privacy-preserving cloud computing service, based on Substrate, and will run as a parachain in the Polkadot ecosystem to offer computing power comparable to existing cloud services but which protects the privacy of managed programs.

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Phala Network

Phala Network

Infrastructure of Web3.0 privacy protection

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