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PhalaWorld Announced Mint Strategy, XCM Integration of Khala and Moonriver is Complete| Phala Weekly Vol. 83

đź‘· Khala/Phala Secure Worker Mining

🙋 Khala Democracy Governance
Khala had 0 democratic referendum last week. The treasury accumulated 7.16 M PHA.

Democracy Referendum

  • #15: This proposal is a Registrar application from Thibaut Gautier


  • #82: This motion is to add XCM assets to SubBridge, including BSX(Basilisk’s native token), MOVR(Moonriver’s native token), and HKO(Heiko’s native token) tokens
  • #83: This motion is to extend the Khala slot cycle by exchanging parachains 2004 and 2111
  • #84: This motion is to unlock PHA tokens that are stuck in Karura due to front-end issues


  • Tip: community member HIGH/STAKE made a manual tutorial for mining-pools

Dev Updates



  • Updated the SubBridge user tutorial in the wiki

2. Computing Power Supply

  • Released PRB 2.2

3. App

  • Showing worker details in pool page
  • Recent commission change warning
  • Show icon for unverified StakePool owner identity

đź’»Work in progress

  1. SubBridge
  • Integrating WanBridge

2. Computing Power Supply

  • Integrating Solo script support for pruned Kusama block

3. Fat Contract

  • Testnet update

Community & Ecosystem

  • PhalaWorld

a.) PhalaWorld’s landing page has launched

b.) PhalaWorld has announced the mint process. Minting will start very soon

c.) Phala will participate in NFT Berlin’s Encoded. Find us at Litentry’s booth and you’ll have a chance to win PhalaWorld WL

d.)Phala World held Twitter WL giveaway collaboration with KBL and ChaosDao

Activities & News

  • Phala held monthly community call and talked about recent progress and future plans for both Phala Network and PhalaWorld
  • $PHA is now supported on Bifrost and Parallel. Users can check their xcTransfered $PHA asset on NovaWalletApp
  • XCM integration of Khala and Moonriver is complete, xckPHA now Live

🪧 Coming up

  1. Phala’s co-founder Marvin Tong will have a speech in Consensus 2022
  2. Participate in the Phala Online Hackathon for a chance to win $5,000
  3. Dr. Shelven Zhou will speak about Fat Contract at WASM Conference on May 31st
  4. Participate in Phala’s challenge at Polkadot <> OneBlock+ China Hackathon for a chance to win 2000 USDT
  5. The Polkadot Hackathon- the North America Edition will be held from May 30 to June 11. Get to win Phala’s challenge prize.
  6. June 9th to 12th, Co-founder Marvin will speak at Consensus 2022 host by Coindesk

Bonus: 15% discount for Phala communities to purchase Consensus 2022 tickets!

About Phala

Phala Network tackles the issue of trust in the computation cloud.

By organizing a decentralized network of computation nodes around the world, it offers high-performance services without relying on any cloud vendor. Phala workers run the programs in Secure Enclaves, a privacy technology already embedded into modern processors, enabling versatile and confidential execution. Together, this creates the infrastructure for a powerful, secure, and scalable trustless computing cloud.

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