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Project Spokesman: Win up to 10,000 PHA with Your Talent and Creativity

As a mainstay of Polkadot ecosystem and a sprout of privacy-protection technologies, Phala has been depicting the Web3.0 vision that everyone’s privacy values and worth much more than the centralized platforms pay.

We translated quality reviews such as and to extend our concerns about human privacy against public interests and the authorities.

For devs, Hang Yin, Chief Scientist of Phala and Ambassador China of Polkadot, presented and shared Phala technology at multiple events such as Web3 Builders, DoraHacks tech community, OneBlock+ online seminar, etc. Also, Hang wrote an article, , to explain why hardware technologies should be valued more in blockchain applications.

In the past 6 months, Phala participated in over 20 online AMAs and 5 offline conferences, expressing our belief towards Web3.0 through audios, videos, opinions, and even performance art. Many of them were included in Phala Network Publication and are translated into many languages (Russian, Italian, French, Vietnamese, etc.), as our strokes on the canvas of Web3.0 Utopia.

Still, we are asking ourselves: what more can we bring to our audience? What contents do our audience wants us to produce?

The answer is: one swallow does not make a summer. Maybe we should get more talented people engaged in this blueprint, raising more authors and Youtubers to pass the torch of “the value of privacy”. And everyone who joined this project will be the Key Opinion Leaders of the next-generation Web3.0 world. :)

Project Spokesman

Phala will look for 10 talented community leaders and content creators to spread the red pill of awakening together with us. Spokesmen will receive a DECENT amount of PHA as well as opportunities to media exposure or events cooperation.


  1. 5,000 ~ 10,000 PHA / Spokesman
  2. Phala community support
  • Logo exposure on Phala social media platform;
  • Right of content spreading across Phala communities

3. Business opportunity: you will be invited as well once there’s a chance related to your talent or your brand.

A Phala Spokesman should

  1. Spread the value of Phala Network and the concept of Web3.0;
  2. Help everyone to better understand what Phala can realize.


You can apply to this project if you meet one of the requirements below:

  • Received 100k views or clicks in total for your content, including articles, videos, tweets, posts, artworks, etc.
  • Have over 2k followers in total on one or multiple platforms;
  • Organized a big offline event with over 1k participants;
  • Working as a Leader/Moderator/Community Builder of a middle-size or a large forum/community.
  • Running a media company or community promotion company;
  • Have over 1k stars in total for your Github Repo;
  • Have over 100 cites in total for your published papers;
  • Ranked as one of the trends on any platform (Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, etc. );

How to be A Phala Spokesman

  1. Fill the application form with materials related to your achievements.
  1. Your application will be reviewed by both Phala core team and Phala core community (Watchmen and early-joined members).
  2. Once you are enrolled, you will receive contacts from Phala Marketing who will further negotiate with you on who to collaborate.

How Your Application Will be Reviewed

  1. Your career and impact;
  2. Your understanding towards Web3.0 privacy;
  3. How you are planning to collaborate with Phala team as a Spokesman.

About Phala

A Substrate-based confidential smart contract blockchain on which you can develop confidentiality-preserving and privacy-first blockchain apps. Member of Substrate Builders Program starting lineup. Recipient of Web3 Foundation Grant.

Website | Twitter | Github | Telegram | Discord



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