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Ready for Vendetta Testnet V2?| Phala Weekly v 0.3.12

Dev Updates

Finished all development for Vendetta Testnet V2! 1605 Race event will go live in hours.🚀

  1. Computing task distribution. PR
  2. Mining staking module. Code
  3. Implemented weighted random sample task assignment algorithm. Code
  4. Updated pHost, added batch verification of stored data on the chain to synchronize node information for the distribution of computing tasks.
  5. Updated to the latest subxt client and contributed code PR to upstream.
  6. Refactored the data types of pRuntime and pHost.
  7. Finished the next activity page of PoC3. Repo


  • Create Diem wallets for users in TEE, correctly construct transactions, and publish to Diem testnet: Transfer records.
  • Next step: integrate the pDiem contract with Phala.

Community & Ecosystem

  • Community stats:
  • Phala is going to build up minority language communities, with Spanish, French, and Vietnamese as priorities for now. Please pay attention to the follow-up announcements for specific plans. We welcome applications & recommendations — join the Phala universe!👏


  • Phala Network was listed alongside Polkadot as a reference open-source crypto project in Awesome-Rust 🎉We’re happy to contribute to the worldwide Rust community together with developers everywhere.
  • As a new partner of the Substrate Runtime Developer Academy, alongside projects like Acala, Plasm, and Moonbeam, Phala looks forward to working zealously towards global Substrate education in the future.🎙️ Stay tuned!
  • The Substrate Runtime Developer Academy brings together the best of the best in industry expertise, interactive learning experience, and a recognized certification program (endorsed by Gavin Woods’ Parity Technologies) to enable programming in Polkadot/Substrate in 6 weeks.
  • February 3, Phala CEO Marvin was invited to the Jinse Finance Salon roundtable to share his views on the topic of “slot bidding, what impact will it have on the future ecology?” Marvin noted that Polkadot is not the next EOS, and it’s unlimited for applications.
  • February 5, Phala attended a joint AMA with Bifrost and MXC hosted by KuCoin. Guests shared the latest progress of each project and their preparations for slot auctions with Kucoin community members. Read here to know more.

About Phala

Phala Network is a light, powerful, and secure confidential smart contract platform which runs contracts in trusted hardware enclaves inside processors, creating a novel privacy computing cloud with private computing and services for both users and companies.

Phala Network will be a parachain on Polkadot and a solution to our next-generation privacy needs. Member of the Confidential Computing Consortium (CCC). Recipient of 2 Web3 Foundation Grants.

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