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The Maximum Worker Reward Exceeds 46,000 PHA per 7200 Block | Phala Weekly Vol. 54

🚀 Khala Secure Worker Mining

Dev Updates


  1. Khala
  • Triggered on-chain upgrading
  • Enabled Khala — ETH Bridge
  • Fixed batch_try
  • Added a tool for Gatekeeper tokenomic replay
  • Fixed tokenomic issues
  • Finished initial version of Geolocation Probing in PRuntime
  • Disabled before it’s fully ready
  • Finished initial version of EVM multi-assets token bridge
  • Disabled before it’s fully ready
  • Workaround compatibility problem with Kusama 0.9.11 MetadataV14
  • Added Khala — ETH Bridge
  • Refactor “Delegation”
  • Added “Reclaim“ to “Delegation”

💻Work in progress

  1. Khala
  • XCM
  • Refactor transaction tracking which may be effective to reduce miners unresponsive when long-time running
  • Refactor sending transactions using batch
  • Persisting state to avoid syncing block data every time
  • Avoid manual restart on runtime upgrading

Community & Ecosystem

  • Communities Stats:
  • Phala “ Good Community Contributor Bounty” welcomes the first group of outstanding contributors. In the past month, they actively maintained and built the community ecology, helped others and teams solve problems, proposed new ideas, shared experiences, and made outstanding contributions to Phala’s global community. After review, the Phala team decided to give these 5 contributors l00k, zozyo, Cappex, RHEE, and stive a total reward of 1,600 PHA rewards, thank you!
  • On October 14, the Khala-Ethereum Bridge officially launched. Since then, Khala’s native token PHA can exchange freely between the Khala chain and the Ethereum chain with an exchange ratio of 1:1.

Activities & News

  • On October 10th, Clifton, the representative of Phala’s UK community, attended the offline Meetup of “Polkadot & Friends’ Picnic” in Hyde Park and had a face-to-face exchange with local Polkadot eco-lovers. This is Phala’s first offline event participation in the UK. We expect to have more opportunities to meet with Phamily in the UK in the future.
  • On October 13th, KACO Finance launched the PHA-DOT farming pool. People can participate in the contribution of liquidity and will have the opportunity to win joint limited edition NFTs.
  • The “Phala x Polkadot Encode Club” hackathon challenge is in full swing. Currently, the team has received 10 submissions from developers from all over the world who are keen on cloud computing and privacy. The biggest individual reward for this event is 3,000 USD. 🤩 Everyone is welcomed to actively participate and win rewards!
  • On the evening of October 14, Phala held the fourth Phala Chamber with its communities on Discord. The team talked about the latest project progress and provided detailed answers to questions such as the Khala-Ethereum Bridge, Polkadot Endode hackathon, and SWM system.

🪧 Upcoming

  • 10/19, 19:00, UTC+8
  • 10/21, 22:00, UTC+8

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