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W3A Demo Completed | Phala Updates v.0.1.2 (4.6–4.12)



  • Completed W3A Demo development; will showcase it on Web3 Builders talk;
  • Improved the plan of PHA airdrop wave I: KSM Stakedrop;
  • Got Intel SGX commercial license;
  • Improved UI design of testnet PoC-1;
  • Migrate W3A servers;
  • Developing the testnet faucet on Riot.


  • Closed PoC-1 testnet bounty program with user activity beating expectations 🎉;
  • Promoting Web3 Builders talk with Polkadot official.

About Phala

The 1st Substrate-based confidential smart contract platform on which you can develop secret-preserving and privacy-protecting blockchain apps. Member of Parity Builders Program starting lineup. Winner of Web3 Foundation Grant.

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Phala Network

Phala Network

Infrastructure of Web3.0 privacy protection