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Whitelist Is Available For Stakepools on Phala App, Khala/Phala Council Was Proposed To Increase Seats To 8|Phala Weekly Vol. 96

👷 Khala/Phala Secure Worker Mining

🙋 Khala Democracy Governance

Khala has no ongoing democracy referendum this week. The treasury accumulated 18.45 MPHA.

Democracy Referendum

  • #17: This referendum came from council member Marvin Tong, who proposed to increase the Khala/Phala council seats to 8.

Treasury Proposal

  • #37: Application from Subsquare team, Subsquare connected to Phala Network and requested for maintenance fee for Khala and Phala Network from 09.2022 to 02.2023.
  • #7: This is the M1 for Phala’s demand-side token design bounty. It covers a research report on pricing models for general computing (5%), a paper on the economics of public tokens used by Phala computing (60%). The bounty will be awarded to Samuel and managed by Jonas. The total amount includes 78,000 PHA for executors and 39,000 PHA for project management.


  • Tip: Phala Spanish Ambassador Jere wrote an article on How to Apply for Khala On-Chain Tipping.

Dev Updates


1. Fat Contract

  • Overall progress 15/33

2. APP

  • Created and edited contributor whitelist
  • SubBridge on Phala was tested. Will enable PHA transfer publicly soon

💻Work in progress

  1. SubBridge
  • PHA transfer between Phala and Ethereum
  • StakePool v2 & Vault implementation is finished. Now reviewing Vaults.

2. APP

  • Enable Kusama node disk saving in solo mining script

3. Tokenomic design finalized the discussion; will publish soon

Community & Ecosystem


Product Progress

a.) Creating a demo for pre-FE work

b.) PhalaWorld Website landing page is in development

Operation & Marketing
a.)A tutorial video from TheKusamarian:

b.) A mini-game contest running by community mods @Dark_Sparked

Activities & News

🪧 Coming up

  1. From September 14th to 15th, Phala will appear at Berlin Blockchain Week and participate in roundtable discussions. Please stay tuned for details.
  2. Phala will attend Token 2049 from September 28th to 29th in Singapore. We will host parties and side events, stay tuned!
  3. Phala will participate in San Francisco Blockchain Week on November 3rd, stay tuned for details

About Phala

Phala Network tackles the issue of trust in the computation cloud.

By organizing a decentralized network of computation nodes around the world, it offers high-performance services without relying on any cloud vendor. Phala workers run the programs in Secure Enclaves, a privacy technology already embedded into modern processors, enabling versatile and confidential execution. Together, this creates the infrastructure for a powerful, secure, and scalable trustless computing cloud.

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