Are you ready to rumble?!

The moment you have all been waiting for… In the top left corner we have the Almighty Undefeated Nacho Men Champion. In the bottom right corner we have the Brave Underdog Contestant. Who has the best stamina… who is the strongest… who is the most skillful Luchador? Who will be victorious after the exciting and exhausting battle?!

Nacho Men Closed Beta Announcement!

The Closed Beta of Nacho Men will run for 2 weeks, from July 15th up until July 29th. The first 1500 people who have subscribed on Nacho.Men will be eligible for the Closed Beta.

Starting July 15th, we will be sending out emails in batches to the people that have subscribed on the Nacho.Men website with a NEO wallet that they can use to access the Closed Beta (Link to game also provided in the email).

DISCLAIMER: Only use this wallet for the Closed Beta, do not use this wallet privately to store your tokens. Do not share this wallet with anybody, you will receive potential rewards for the full game release on the same wallet. Once the full game is released you can transfer the rewards to your main wallet.

Make sure to check your email, new emails will be sent out at 4 PM UTC everyday until all invitations have been sent out. We will announce in the Nacho Men Telegram channel whenever all invitations has been sent out.


There will be different rarity levels of the Luchadores, these rarity levels will only affect cosmetics and not the actual Luchadores’ stats. The Closed Beta participants will receive 1 free Luchador of a higher rarity level than the basic one, airdropped to their NEO address at launch of the full game.

We will open an exclusive Telegram channel for the players who are invited into the Closed Beta to discuss bugs and to share gameplay experiences (instructions on how to join the exclusive channel in the email). These players will be rewarded in-game Luchadores and/or items based on their input, at the discretion of the Phantasma team.

Closed Beta Features

The Closed Beta will initially launch with Casual Matches and the possibility to train in the Gym. We will gradually add more features into the Closed Beta, eventually it will support Casual & Ranked Matches and a market to buy and sell Luchadores. Each player has to insert tokens to play a Ranked Match, the winner of the battle wins the tokens from both participants. However, for the Closed Beta we will use fictional tokens instead of real SOUL tokens. SOUL tokens will be used as the currency for the Nacho Men game once the game is fully launched. You can use this opportunity to test with fictional tokens to develop your tactics.

Each Luchador has specific genes which affects their stats, these genes are determined randomly. Players can put their Luchadores in the gym to train or take certain consumable items to improve specific stats. After every battle, your Luchador will earn XP and it could increase the level if a certain XP value has been reached. This will allow players to be paired with other players of similar skill.

More information about all features of the full game:

We shall review and process the feedback we have received once the Closed Beta has concluded. The Open Beta will go live in August, after the rebranding of Phantasma which will happen at the end of July.

May the best player win!