Mazer Gaming X Phantasma

We are incredibly excited to announce Phantasma’s fresh partnership with the eSports professionals and eSports content creators at Mazer Gaming!

Being a professional gaming and entertainment organization sporting over 30 pro eSports players and content creators, Mazer Gaming representatives have played in the grand final for Call of Duty, and currently competing in Pokemon Go tournaments and have more than 250,000 subscribers across their Twitch channels.

Mazer Gaming professionals in action

Recognizing that NFTs and blockchain powered gaming has an enormous potential to change the face of eSports as we know it, Mazer Gaming has made a conscious decision to engage with this growing sector of the industry at an early stage. Their goal is to create championship winning teams and entertaining content for their fans while simultaneously building additional revenue streams and exposure for the club.

For Phantasma, this partnership marks a significant step towards gaining exposure in a growing eSports sector with added sponsorship opportunities. This increased exposure represents a highly significant added value for Phantasma’s partners such as GOATi, Amazu, Crusaders Dynasty, Blood Rune and several other game studios not yet announced, and makes it all the more attractive for additional indie game studios to deploy their games on Phantasma.

Phantasma and Smart NFTs — built for blockchain powered gaming

Partnering with eSports professionals also serves to demonstrate that Phantasma is preparing to enter the main stage, and that we are intent on capitalizing on the current and future growth of the blockchain powered eSports sector. Being able to bring Phantasma related game content to Mazer Gaming’s more than 250,000 subscribers is set to bring massive exposure to dApp partner events such as 22 Racing Series championship tournaments, which Mazer Gaming will both compete in and promote!

To the future of eSports,

Your Phantasma Team

Blockchain for Next Generation Content Distribution

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