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Jan 21 · 2 min read
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We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Phantasma is partnering up with memeunity to bring memes and reimagined social media to Phantasma!

All the features — at your fingertips

Recognizing the power of Phantasma’s dual token system, highly advance Smart NFT technology and feature packed smart contract platform, memeunity intends to go all in on Phantasma, becoming the first dApp project ever to hold its TGE (Token Generation Event) on the Phantasma blockchain.

After coming to the conclusion that other platforms would likely make the project financially bleed out through high minting costs and technical limitations, memeunity made contact with the Phantasma team to explore opportunities for collaboration.

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The future is built through synergies

Through our initial meetings it became clear that the memeunity team is coming onto the scene from a place of dedication and vision, focused on their future user base and how best to serve them.

Memeunity will be working with Phantasma to find new and unique ways to onboard users to the Phantasma ecosystem, helping the average Joe Crypto realize the benefits of exploring faster, more afforable and more feature packed platforms than they are used to. In addition, the Phantasma brand and platform will be included in many creative ways in the NFT aspect of memeunity’s product offerings.

The vast majority of what memeunity delivers will be directly integrated with Phantasma and thus be part of our growing ecosystem, bringing memers a much smoother user experience than what could be achieved on legacy platforms. To build trust between memers and memeunity, Phantasma will be auditing the memeunity smart contract used for their TGE.

For the memes, the lulz and the future

Your Phantasma Team


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