Nacho Men Beginner's Guide

Oct 8, 2018 · 7 min read

Nacho Men is the NEO dApp competition first place winner. The Phantasma SOUL token is the currency for the game. After downloading the game from you will be able to launch the game. If you already have a NEO wallet, you can use the WIF/Private Key of that NEO wallet to login.

1. Before logging in, please read the terms of use carefully and click on ‘’I accept’’ to accept the terms.

a) Login by entering a WIF/Private Key of a NEO wallet.

b) If you don’t have a NEO wallet yet, you can click on ‘’signup’’ which will generate a new WIF. Please make sure to back-up your WIF and never share this with anybody. You may now proceed to login.

c) You can decide to save your WIF on your device, by checking the ‘’remember me’’ box. If you did, proceed by clicking ‘’yes’’.

2. This is the MENU, from here you can access the GYM, BATTLE modes, TEAM section, the item/wrestler MARKET, your WALLET and OPTIONS.

3. Go to OPTIONS to set up your own username for the game, this is optional. If you decide not to set up a username, the game will refer to ‘’anonymous’’. You can adjust some settings and choose a different language.

4. Before you can start playing, you need SOUL to buy luchadores from the wrestler market. Proceed to WALLET.

5. This is the WALLET section. You can view how many SOUL you have within the game and how many you have stored on your NEO wallet. You can buy SOUL with NEO as long as you have NEO stored in your wallet.

a) Click on ‘’top up’’ to deposit SOUL to your Nacho Men account, enter the amount you wish to deposit. NOTE: make sure you have at least 0.00001 GAS in your NEO wallet to deposit SOUL.

b) Click ‘’yes’’ if you are happy with the amount of SOUL to deposit.

c) Your deposit should complete after a few seconds, please be patient. Click ‘’Ok’’.

d) Your balance has been updated by the amount of SOUL you deposited. Click ‘’back’’ to go back to MENU.

6. Proceed to MARKET.

a) Here you can choose to enter the wrestlers market or the items market. Go into wrestlers market to buy a luchador.

b) This is what the wrestlers market looks like. You can filter and sort the luchadores based on your own criteria. We have created a web market for your convenience you to scout the wrestler/item MARKET:

c) Sort the market by rarity, price, rating and level.

d) Filter MARKET by the rarities or set a price/level range.

e) Select a Luchador to check the movesets, level and stats. Note that there are 2 different movesets, the game will refer them to ‘’stances’’. If you are happy with your choice: click on ‘’hire’’ to add the luchador to your team. (Hire is the equivalent to buying)

f) Click on ‘’yes’’ if you want to but the luchador for that specific amount of SOUL.

g) Congratulations, the Luchador joined your team!

h) The item market works the same as the wrestler market. After you are done within the MARKET, go back to the MENU.

7. Proceed to the TEAM section to view your purchases.

a) This is the main page of the TEAM section where you can view your luchadores and items. Select a Luchador.

b) In this page you can do multiple things: view stats, view movesets, change the name of a luchador, equip an item, sell a luchador and transfer a luchador to another account by entering the Phantasma wallet or the username of the receiving party.

c) Click on ‘’sell’’ If you want to sell a luchador and enter a price in SOUL. Click ‘’ok’’.

d) You can view your luchador in the wrestler market in the ‘’selling’’ section.

e) If you decide you do not want to sell the luchador any longer, you can click on your luchador and remove him/her from the market. Go back to the MENU once you are finished.

8. Once you have your own luchador you are able to go into battle, proceed to BATTLE.

a) There are 4 battle modes: Practice, unranked, ranked and versus mode. The ranked and versus mode are limited to level 16 luchadores only, since they might require the players to enter SOUL to play that mode. For your first match, please enter practice mode.

b) This is the window with the practice dummies. After defeating a dummy, you shall unlock a more difficult one. Select the wood dummy.

c) Battle loading screen.

d) The match has started. Every player has 30 seconds to pick a move for each round. Every luchador has 2 different stances. The first and main stance has 3 basic moves and are comparable with every luchador: a weak move (upper), a strong move (smash) and a counter to smash (counter). These 3 moves are a vicious circle: counter is strong against smash, smash is strong against the weak move and the weak move is strong against counter. The bottom move is the special move. If you select this move you will into the secondary stance. Click on the special move.

e) You have successfully changed into the secondary stance during your turn to unlock your other movesets. These new movesets all have different damage and effects. Some will give your opponent a status effect, such as burn. Some moves will heal your own luchador or buff its attack and/or defense stats.

f) The match is over once one of the luchadores reaches 0% health. Possible outcomes: win, lose or draw. After every match you will earn some XP to level your luchador up once a sufficient amount of XP has been reached. If you have practiced enough to understand the game mechanics & moves of your own luchador, you are ready to play unranked to battle against other players.

9. Go back to MENU and click on GYM.

a) You can train any of the 3 stats of a selected luchador. Note that once you have put a luchador in the GYM they will be locked for at least 1 hour. After this time window you can go back to the GYM to take the luchador out or you could let the luchador train up until 24 hours to receive more XP.

The Phantasma Chain team would like to thank you for your interest into our project and the Nacho Men game. We want to make sure that Nacho Men will become the best gaming experience a player could have, so feel free to provide feedback or suggestions to the team in the official Nacho Men Telegram channel. We hope you will enjoy your gaming time.

Get ready to rumble!

For more information about Nacho Men:


Telegram Channel:

Twitter: @NachoMenGame



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