Phantasma Chain x Bluzelle

As previously mentioned, one of the capabilities of the Phantasma Chain is its storage function. We want to provide developers with the best ecosystem to develop dApps on. As a result we will be searching for the optimal business partnerships in order to make this a reality.

We are proud to announce that Phantasma Chain is partnering up with Bluzelle!

Persistent and Dynamic Data Storage

While static data is a good blockchain use case, as it will not require any changes in the future and is intended to be permanent, most developers also require a way to store and manage their dynamic data. This data is directly connected to their dApps and requires updates or changes constantly, which means that developers can benefit from a decentralized solution that provides these capabilities. Current blockchains like Ethereum and NEO allow for changes to be made in their data, but these changes are costly and unpractical for day-to-day use of normal dApp developers.

What is Bluzelle?

Bluzelle is a decentralized, on-demand, scalable database service for dApps. Bluzelle fills a need and is complementary to the other components to make the decentralized Internet complete. Without these decentralized components, the decentralized internet would not be able to run efficiently and scale to massive use.

What is Phantasma Chain?

Phantasma Chain introduces a decentralized content distribution system running on the blockchain, with strong emphasis on privacy and security. The goal of Phantasma Chain is to provide a new and adaptable framework to fill the needs for data management from dApps.

Phantasma Chain x Bluzelle

With this partnership, Phantasma Chain will allow developers to choose between different types of database storage, permanent or temporary, according to their inherent needs. Bluzelle already supports Ethereum and NEO, by combining its technology with the capabilities of Phantasma Chain, we can truly create an ecosystem in which developers have all the necessary tools for data storage and management. This will allow data to flow between all those platforms, enable smart data dApps, data markets combined with Phantasma storage, cross-chain applications, data interoperability and many other possibilities in the Phantasma Ecosystem.

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