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Phantasma is proud to announce its first dApp competition ever! We want to continue to bring new talent to Phantasma Chain, who otherwise would not be familiar with Phantasma and its advanced SDK, to help build & grow the Phantasma ecosystem. Naturally there are prized to be won by the best teams! The prize pool consists of 100K SOUL, 100K KCAL and 3 spots to become a Block Producer! Whether you are a team or an individual, we welcome all software developers to this competition to show your skills!

Use your imagination to build the best and original dApp there is! Our recently improved SDK has all the tools you need. We are interested in multiple categories of dApps:

Since our partnership with GOATi Entertainment we have daily contact with their development team, as a result their team helped update our latest version of the SDK. The Phantasma SDK recently got updated to version 0.3, which includes support for two new languages, along with new features such as instant swaps. One of the advantages of the Phantasma SDK for developers is that developers do not have to adapt and learn a new language to use it, as it supports multiple languages:

Please click here for the documentation of the SDK

Join the Phantasma Development Discord to talk directly with our development team if you have questions or stumble upon issues. You can check the documentation here as well, including a more detailed documentation to be released later.

Don’t forget to Download the Phantasma SDK here!


All dApps will be judged by the following criteria:

Start & Deadline

The dApp competition starts today, July 4th and lasts for a full month up until August 4th. The final version of the dApps to be submitted for ranking could be prototypes, or final products, as the competition is live for only a limited amount of time. The duration could potentially be extended if there is high demand from the participants for more time.

Submit your dApp idea and apply with your team through Google Forms:


🏆 1st place: 50,000 SOUL + Block Producer spot + 10,000 KCAL

🥈 2nd place: 30,000 SOUL + Block Producer spot + 10,000 KCAL

🥉 3rd place: 20,000 SOUL + Block Producer spot + 10,000 KCAL

🏅 4th-10th place: 10K KCAL each

All winning dApps will potentially be featured within Phantasma’s ecosystem & will potentially receive additional development and technical support from Phantasma. If development goes well post-competition, there is an option to join the Phantom Force and/or receive more funding through the Phantom Force. All teams will retain all rights to the dApps they submit, Phantasma does not want any rights, our goal is to grow a stronger & better ecosystem. It is like Phantasma envisioned: your dApps, your rights, your rules & monetization.

Block Producers

Block Producers (BPs) are the validators of Phantasma Chain who verify all blocks. Block Producers have to stake 50K SOUL to become a BP. At the end of every quarter there will be a voting window for people to vote on BPs to become (or remain) an active BP to make sure that the network remains decentralized. Active BPs have an average ROI of 300% per year, while standby BPs have an average ROI of 66.6% per year excluding the additional SOUL Masters rewards and transaction fees. The initial BPs are chosen by Phantasma team, but eventually it will be random based on a lottery system. So this is the opportunity to claim yourself Block Producer spot!

Guidelines & rules

Good luck, we are looking forward to your dApp entries. May the best teams win!

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