Phantasma Roadmap Update 2019

We would like to update you with our new Roadmap for the year 2019! As most of you already know: our main net will launch in Q1 2019. It is build to support the Phantasma App and all features within the app and more. Think about video games, media, gambling, social, eCommerce, video, communication and data storage. Let us present the Roadmap for 2019:

Our focus for 2019 will be on the Phantasma App and on communication dApps between Phantasma App users. Communication is key and a necessity for a complete Phantasma App. We will develop a Cosmic Swaps Framework and a storage service later this year for Phantasma Chain, with more games and dApps to come in 2020! Note that these dApps are going to be built by Phantasma Chain, this Roadmap does not indicate the launch of dApps by third parties and platforms from our partnerships.

We are open for feedback and questions, please join our official Telegram Channel. Stay tuned for more updates!