Phantasma SDK Update

(Phantasma SDK 0.2)

This new release of the Phantasma SDK includes several new things:

  • An updated version of Spook, with an extended API
  • Support for non-fungible tokens creation
  • Both Phantasma Explorer and Wallet are now included in the SDK, making it way easier to test and debug the Phantasma apps that you create

This release also adds support for more programming languages. It is now possible to create Phantasma based dApps using the following languages:

  • C#
  • Javascript
  • Python (new)
  • PHP (new)
  • Golang (new)

(Each of those languages come with an attached code sample)

And finally, there is also now native support for Unity (VideoGame Engine), allowing Phantasma powered games.

In order to support this engine, this SDK release includes:

  • Unity package for Phantasma, which you can install directly from Unity and allows you to start developing right away
  • Code samples, including a non-fungible token marketplace example for you to experiment on

Here is the download version 0.2 of the SDK:

Making Phantasma dApps is getting easier and easier with each SDK update, stay tuned for the next SDK release, and for the long-awaited news about the Phantasma Main-Net coming soon.

For any development-related questions feel free to reach our developers via our official Telegram or Discord:

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