Phantasma: The Soulution

Oct 2, 2018 · 4 min read

Recently we have published more insight regarding the ecosystem of Phantasma Chain. As you might know by now, we want to create the complete go-to ecosystem on our blockchain for content distribution. We want to achieve this by building a Phantasma Extension and a Phantasma Appstore.

Our Plan

At Phantasma Chain we want to be as transparent as possible. We will lay out our long-term plan for the ecosystem. We want to achieve our goals step-by-step, that means that we will not deploy our blockchain with all features which will be discussed within this article. The most important thing is growing our community & user base for them to be a part of our Ecosystem. We think it is not a good strategy to build dApps and features to launch them all at once. We shall launch more dApps and features as the Phantasma community grows. This way we can focus on the features we are working on without rushing for a launch of all the dApps & features once our main net is live.

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An Ecosystem For All

As we are building our own blockchain for content distribution, we will naturally have a wide audience. That is why we will introduce all kinds of features and (d)Apps into the Ecosystem. People will be able to run fully decentralized apps if they want to, but also half decentralized & half centralized apps. For example, a game can’t be running entirely on the blockchain but the market/trading aspect can benefit from the blockchain technology. Not all the apps in the Appstore will be completely decentralized. All (d)Apps and features will be separated into different categories:

  • Media (books, music and other content)

People who love to read or listen to music will be able to find their needs within our Media category, all which will be possible with an eCommerce dApp which introduces peer-to-peer transactions. Gamers will be able to play all kind of games which will adopt the blockchain technology, more specifically Phantasma Chain. Gambling is also a big industry which cannot be overlooked, with blockchain technology it will be possible to build a non-cheating environment for gambling. For communication we have built our Phantasma Mail MVP and are planning on having a chat platform.

A very important aspect of a blockchain built for content distribution is data storage, oracles are a very good example of this necessity by the developers of the Phantasma Ecosystem. Video applications will allow users to watch movies and live stream their own content, this is perfect if a user wants to share their gaming or other experiences. And lastly as there has been a lot of negative news recently about other centralized social platforms we want to provide the user with the best experience through decentralized social platforms in which they feel safe and secure that their content and data will not be shared and sold to other companies, so that is also one of the areas we are focusing in on our ecosystem.

Road To Success

We want to connect all (d)Apps and features within our blockchain without the need of creating a new account or wallet for every (d)App. Our solution is to introduce the Phantasma Appstore and the Phantasma Extension to help build the complete go-to blockchain. All (d)Apps will be available in the Phantasma Appstore for people to buy and for developers to sell their (d)Apps. Our eCommerce platform will make it possible to trade digital goods. Everything will be possible with one economic system on Phantasma Chain.

The Phantasma Extension will make it possible for a user to use all services provided by Phantasma Chain with just one Phantasma account, which you will allow have full control over it. An example of this is the possibility to have only your account address and performing anonymous transactions in our ecosystem. By using the Phantasma extension, which has the wallet embedded in it, you will also be able to pay for access to specific products or services while maintaining full privacy and security.

Please refer to the following articles for more information about the Phantasma Appstore ( and Extension (

One Vision, One Ecosystem

We have explained that we are building a complete Ecosystem om Phantasma Chain and we want to achieve this with our Appstore and Extension. SOUL will be used for every transaction, so there should be a permanent buying pressure and natural source of liquidity. Users can even be part of the system even if they don’t have SOUL, as they can easily perform actions and purchase products or services using other popular coins such as Ethereum or Bitcoin, all thanks to our interconnection with NEX and the use of their APIs ( We will gradually increase the features and dApps on Phantasma Chain, which will be curated by the team and by the community. So if there is a high demand for a specific game or (d)App, we shall look into the possibilities of bringing it into our Ecosystem.

For more information about Phantasma Chain:


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Twitter: @phantasmachain


Blockchain for Next Generation Content Distribution

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