Phantasma x Asura

Phantasma Chain is proud to announce our partnership with Asura!

As Phantasma Chain focusses on NFT technology and the application of it to gaming, it is only natural to provide the gamers with a good eSports Ecosystem on the blockchain. Phantasma Chain and Asura will join forces to revolutionize the gaming industry!

As both projects evolve, this collaboration will help bridge the gap between the gaming and blockchain industries and allow for a whole segment of brand new users to join the crypto space.

About Asura

Asura World is a revolutionary new eSports community platform. It will provide users with the ability to access professional game guides, eSport news, videos, forum discussions, community-oriented events, community matchmaking, community tournament hosting, eSport streams, a unique betting system, and much more — all in one place.

What is Phantasma Chain?

Phantasma Chain introduces a decentralized content distribution system running on the blockchain, with strong emphasis on privacy and security. The goal of Phantasma Chain is to provide a new and adaptable framework to fill the needs for data management from dApps.

The focus will be on NFT technology and to improve the user-friendliness within the crypto-space. We will support all the best dApps from all different blockchains in one app: The Phantasma App.

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Twitter: @AsuraCoin