Phantasma X Evolution Host

A new partner has arrived!

About Evolution Host

Evolution Host is a premium VPS Hosting provider also specializing in game servers, IRCds and mIRC Bot Hosting.

Evolution Host has been revolutionizing the hosting industry since inception by combining low prices with outstanding service. Their critically acclaimed support

has become renowned for its timely responsiveness and helpful nature. With highly satisfied clients from around the world, Evolution Host has become the go-to place for your hosting needs.

Why are we becoming partners?

With this new partnership, the Phantasma Block Producers will have access to a discounted plan for the Ultimate HDD VPS Hosting service, that will allow them to easily set up their BP status and maintain their BP duties to the Phantasma Chain. A whole set of server locations will be available to choose from and the company is directly working with the Phantasma team to ensure that the Ultimate plan meets the requirements for the chain.

On top of that, this leading hosting provider will now be able to accept SOUL as payment for any of their services and hosting solutions, so whether you want to run an application or get hosting for your awesome game, the future is here!

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More information about Evolution Host:


Twitter: @EvoHostin