Phantasma X GOATi Entertainment

Phantasma is proud to announce that the Xbox, Sony and AMD partnered producer of 22 Racing, GOATi entertainment, is joining Phantom Force and partnering exclusively with Phantasma for all Blockchain related development.

GOATi Entertainment

GOATi Entertainment’s core team has a combined 50 years of AAA video game development experience, has worked on 44 published titles and has experience working in lead roles on some of the world’s largest IPs; Star Wars, Transformers, Far Cry, LA Noire and Metal Gear Solid to name a few.

Their proprietary engine technology has been used under license on six published third party titles and on three internal projects. They are registered developers with Microsoft and Sony, as well as PC/Steam, their engine has been ported to PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and (recently) Switch.

22 Racing Series is a Real-Time Strategy Racer (RTS-R) with Esports DNA at its core. It combines adrenaline fuelled high speed racing with strategy and team play to bring you a racing experience like you have never had before. Achieve the fastest sector times to monopolize the track, lock out resources for you and your team, and then use them either to boost for short term gains or upgrade your vehicle and captured sectors in race-time for a comprehensive race strategy.

Video Game Market Stats

$137.9 Billion — Value of video game industry in 2018

12% — Global game industry year on year growth

50 Billion hours — Gaming content (including Esports) watched on YouTube in 2018

9.36 Billion hours — Gaming content (including Esports) watched on Twitch in 2018

21.3% — Twitch annual growth rate

970 Million USD — Price Amazon paid to buy Twitch in 2014

Phantasma X GOATi Entertainment

GOATi Entertainment brings AAA level game development experience and major presence at global gaming conferences such as E3, Gamescom etc. This partnership enables tokenizating of in-game assets (skins, car parts and more) that are customizable, tradable and playable.

More importantly it will result in a turnkey framework enabling Phantasma to integrate AAA level games pursuing the lucrative NFT and eSports market on Phantasma Chain. Furthemore it allows cross promotion of Phantasma to a potential audience of millions.

Phantasma community members will get early access (Closed Beta) to 22 Racing Series on Steam, scheduled for Q3, having met criteria that we will stipulate at a later date. Phantasma will host a presale of presale exclusive race cars, one of them being the blue Phantasma vehicle shown in the teaser.

*Launching on Steam, Xbox, Playstation and potentially Nintendo Switch.

Non Fungible Tokens

Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) represent one of the most significant assets in our token economy, as they are tradable in the Phantasma marketplace, benefiting players and content creators alike. NFTs are unique tokens on the blockchain and will be leveraged to represent almost every item in the showcase and future titles, from race cars, parts, skins, tracks.. you name it. As all in-game assets are tokenized in the form of NFTs, once acquired they become your property. Nobody, not even the companies themselves can take those items away from you. The moon is the limit, actually not even the moon. Did someone mention Moon Lambo NFT?

More information on NFTs: Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)


$1 Billion — Global Esports Revenue in 2018 (estimated to be as high as 1.6 billion by Superdata)

38% — Global Esports year on year growth

eSports are globally viewed gaming events with exponentially growing audiences. By 2019, it is estimated that 427 million people worldwide will be watching some form of esports with revenues exceeding 1 Billion Dollars USD.

Phantasma will be a major player in this space and bring eSports revenue to blockchain. This partnership will make that a reality with 22 Racing Series being the first title ever to combine Blockchain with AAA level gaming, NFTs and eSports.

The showcase title is just the beginning. As with NFTs we will be the go to solution provider for blockchain eSports for any mainstream game.

The Phantasma team is excited to be the first company to integrate such a high profile game, to connect it to blockchain and to onboard a professional game producer as partner.

A blockchain purpose built for gaming needs killer games. Phantasma now has it and this is just the beginning. The future is bright for all of us.