Phantastic 2018!

2018 was a phantastic year for Phantasma Chain. We launched our ICO and were focussing on development of a few dApps and our actual blockchain. It would not have been possible without our community, so we would like to take this moment to thank each and every single one of you for your trust and support! You have been with us from the beginning, through hard times and good times. We will keep on working to bring the best Ecosystem to you and the crypto-space, an actual complete Ecosystem which you deserve. Now let us go over the development milestones of 2018.

Phantasma dMail — June

The first dApp released by Phantasma Chain is the Phantasma dMail. It is currently built on top of the NEO blockchain. Phantasma Mail allows for encrypted and decentralized email messaging. It will be a free decentralized email dApp on Phantasma Chain, with all the features and more of centralized systems!

Nacho Men Closed Beta — July

Nacho Men is the first game on the NEO blockchain. You can battle friends and other players with your own luchadores and train them in the gym. There is a market for players to buy and sell Luchadores & items. The Closed Beta was designed for players to test the games and find major bugs. Players from the Closed Beta were rewarded with one uncommon luchador.

Nacho Men Open Beta — August

The Open Beta of Nacho Men was launched for players to do stress testing and finding other bugs. Versus mode was unlocked, so players could invite challenge their friends. It was a successful Beta as people were playtesting a lot and reporting numerous bugs which were fixed before the official game launch. Players of the Open Beta were rewarded with common luchadores.

Nacho Men Game Launch — September

After all the major bug fixes and community feedback it was time to launch the official version of Nacho Men. New features were added into the game: Ranked mode for players to win SOUL from each other and a new battle system with two stances. We’ve introduced shiny versions of luchadores and The stances would represent 2 different attack combinations every luchador has. The stats and attack moves are randomized, so every luchador is unique. For a game guide, please click here.

Testnet Launch: wallet & block explorer — November

Perhaps the most important development milestone is the Testnet launch in November. We have been putting in a lot of time for the Testnet launch: we released the Phantasma wallet and a block explorer for people to send test SOUL to other wallets and track them in the block explorer. The Testnet will frequently be updated with more features.

Testnet SDK release — December

In December we have launched the SDK. This SDK is the initial version and will be updated along the way with more features. It is now possible to start building dApps on Phantasma Chain to support the Phantasma Ecosystem! Spook is an important feature in our SDK. It is very powerful and will support the developers with their dApp developments.

Exciting times are ahead, as we will launch the main net in Q1 2019 followed by the Phantasma App and more. 2018 was a great year, but 2019 will be even greater! We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for 2019! We are very confident in our skills, 2018 was the year of development, 2019 is the year for the big push: building an actual use case on the blockchain and the first injection for global adoption. Thank you all, let us work together towards a better future: join the revolution!