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Aug 13 · 4 min read

Last month we hosted Phantasma’s first dApp competition as a means to support the Phantasma ecosystem and to scout for potential skilled teams and individuals to introduce them to Phantasma. The first Phantasma dApp competition has concluded! We would like to thank every participant of this competition.

There were various good dApps designs and after careful consideration, we have managed to decide who the winners are! The dApps were rated based on the following criteria:

  • Code Quality: Every submitted dApp will require a Github with all necessary codes.
  • Development Documentation: White paper, general dApp documentation & roadmap: is there room or are there plans to implement more features in the future and how can/will you attract users.
  • Originality: The originality of your dApp compared to other dApps in the market.
  • Creativity: How creative have you been with ideas and solving problematic issues? How does it fit in the Ecosystem?

Let’s announce the winners!

🏆 1st place: ’’Phantom Wallet’’

by Merl & Vincent from the NEO dev community (wins 50,000 SOUL + 10,000 KCAL + Standby Block Producer Spot).

Vincent and Merl decided to build a wallet that targets beginners and advanced users at the same time. ‘’There are many blockchains out there with a lot of features most people don’t even know about because the wallets available don’t integrate them. This is something we want to make different, we want to include all the features Phantasma chain has to offer in one easy to use wallet. ‘’In our opinion Phantasma Chain is a very promising project with a team very passionate about it. It has a clear vision and structure on where the path is leading to, working with them is fun and I could learn a lot in the conversations I had with Sergio on Discord. We will continue working on Phantom Wallet to make it a great experience for everyone who wants to use it.’’

Check Phantom Wallet out here!

🥈 2nd place: ’’Spin Your SOUL’’

by Phantastic Casino (wins 30,000 SOUL + 10,000 KCAL + Standby Block Producer Spot).

The basic concept of Phantastic Casino — and its first game Spin your Soul — is to provide a solid mix between a casino and Phantasma dApp marketing. The aim is to create a Phantasma themed casino where players can win both Soul and NFTs from first and third party applications and games on Phantasma Chain. The marketing and Phantasma dApp exposure aspect mainly consists of the following:

  • NFTs can be showcased and won by players in the casino through several means
  • Advertisements can be placed in the dynamic background of the main games
  • Minigames: miniature and simplified versions of existing games on Phantasma Chain

In short, the goal of the application is to function as a marketing device for teams developing for Phantasma Chain as well as a fun game for casino players and users of Phantasma applications alike, bringing together and connecting the whole Phantasma Chain ecosystem.

Check Spin Your SOUL out here!

🥉 3rd place: ’’BlockBoi’’

by ChainChangedGames (wins 20,000 SOUL + 10,000 KCAL + Standby Block Producer Spot).

BlockBoi is a first person shooter/ tower defense/ endless runner/ idle mining game. It took mechanics from some their favorite and the most popular games of all time. TempleRun, SubwaySurfer, BalloonsTowerDefense, Call of Duty Zombies/SpecOps. Players must shoot enemies coming from four directions, dodge obstacles, complete tasks, and carefully traverse across platforms to collect as many BitBlocks possible before your 3 lives are gone. Place Tower Blocks and NFT Idle Structures to aid you in your quest. Use your hard earned BitBlocks to unlock Rare NFT Skins that can in turn help you mine more BitBlocks and give other in game advantages aside from aesthetics.

BlockBoi is a free to play game. Every BitBlock collected in game will be converted to a BitBlock token based on the current mining stage. ‘’We went with a free to play mining concept because we don’t want players to focus on the investment side as much as the gameplay side. Think of a BitBlock as a share of a game and all of its revenue. 100% of all advertisement and microtransaction income will be distributed to BitBlock holders every 24 hours.’’

Check BlockBoi out here!

🏅 4th-10th place (in no specific order) wins 10K KCAL per submission:

  • DodgeCoin — Game
  • BlockSports.io — betting platform
  • PhanDEX — DEX
  • Sudoku — Game
  • Phantasmall.com — eCommerce
  • NonFungibleTrading — eCommerce
  • Cat vs. Dog — Game

Congratulations to all winners!

Top 10 winners will be approached through the submitted email or Telegram username post-main net to claim their rewards. Top 3 winners will be approached prior to main net launch to claim a Block Producer.

We are happy to announce that this officially concludes Phantasma’s first dApp competition. Due to the success of this competition, we have decided to host more dApp competitions in the future. So look forward to that. Lastly, we would like to thank all participants again for their dApp submissions to join the road to a successful main net launch!


BlockChain for Next Generation Content Distribution

Lee Kai Lee

Written by

PR/Marketing at https://Phantasma.io


BlockChain for Next Generation Content Distribution

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