Terra Virtua X Phantasma

Jan 13, 2021 · 4 min read

Revolutionizing collectibles; one mint at a time

Phantasma is incredibly proud to announce an exciting new partnership with Terra Virtua, the first fully immersive digital collectibles ecosystem. Bridging Phantasma’s market leading Smart NFT technology with the Terra Virtua ecosystem, this partnership will bring a seamless NFT minting experience to current and future users, artists and more.

Terra Virtua takes digital collectibles mainstream

Major brands have already embraced Terra Virtua’s platform
Terra Virtua’s FanCave and Terra Dome brings your digital collectibles to live in a unique and immersive way!

The best user experience requires the best tech

Terra Virtua aims to integrate Phantasma Smart NFT technology to bring a friction free NFT minting experience to Terra Virtua and their users, at the same time increasing the user base of the Phantasma ecosystem including the game changing NFT self minting console uMint. Further, the partnership will serve to introduce the current and future artists creating artworks on Phantasma to the rich Terra Virtua ecosystem.

Phantasma Smart NFT technology

Phantasma Smart NFT technology

Phantasma’s market leading Smart NFT technology

Join us — embrace the future of collectibles!

Terra Virtua and Phantasma are confident in the synergistic benefits of our partnership — combining the best of both companies for the benefit of mainstream consumers and collectors. We invite every curious fan out there to join us as we revolutionize the digital collectibles market!


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