World’s Leading Email System

Phantasma dMail is an emailing dApp on the Phantasma Blockchain that introduces the world to decentralized emaling. Each regular dMail between Phantasma dMail users will be free of cost while benefiting from the total security and encryption that Phantasma Chain provides. We will also support the connectivity with domains such as Gmail and Hotmail (POP3, IMAP, etc).

Some community members were concerned about spam. In Phantasma dMail you have to whitelist certain usernames to receive dMails from that party. You have to grant a company access for them to send you a dMail for example.

What is the business model if any dMail in Phantasma dMail is free? We want easy and daily dMails between users to be free so we provide premium services for business related dMails. By paying a small amount of SOUL, monthly or yearly, a business can make use of our premium services. If you are interested in a company or are going to attend an event, the 3rd party can provide a QR code for you to whitelist yourself to receive dMails. They can also limit the whitelisting spots to grant access to a specific amount of users for exclusiveness deals and news.

We have already launched the Phantasma dMail MVP with limited usability. Click here for the guide.

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