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2 min readMay 19, 2020


The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has hit small businesses especially hard, with up to 7.5 million at risk of closing permanently if shutdowns persist.

Through Phase2’s social impact program, TechUnitesUs, we teamed up with SCORE, the nation’s largest network of volunteer and expert business mentors, to create a new brand identity for their COVID-19 Small
Business Resiliency Program.

As a small business ourselves, Phase2 understands and feels a strong connection to SCORE’s mission during this challenging time. Through our TechUnitesUs program, we donated talent and time to support SCORE as
they help small businesses across the country.

At its core, the new Resiliency program empowers small business owners with the courage to adapt and the strength to succeed. Through coaching, resources, and training provided by SCORE, small businesses are
given the tools they need to not just survive this time, but to adapt their business and thrive in the long term.

The Resiliency program comprises of three key areas:

1–1 Mentoring — Using SCORE’s virtual conference platform, small business owners can connect with experts in their field who have the knowledge and experience to guide them. These experts offer practical resources and relevant advice that business owners can use day-to-day.

Resource Portal — SCORE provides a comprehensive resource hub to help small business owners find specific information, government resources, and financial support they need.

Resiliency Training — From E-guides and webinars to checklists and blogs, SCORE helps small business owners access the training they need to create solutions, adapt their business model during times of disruption.

Tech Unites Us is part of what makes Phase2 unique, combining our belief that technology is a common thread that can bridge and promote the best in human experience and our desire to positively impact our communities.
We’re proud to partner with SCORE, an organization dedicated to helping others, and reminding the world that technology is a positive force and is best leveraged when bringing us TOGETHER.




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