Write for Graduate Student Handbook

Submission Guidelines and Become a Writer

If you write stories relevant to graduate school, we would be very excited to be able to add your stories to our publication!

We accept stories relevant to any aspect of graduate school, research, and life in grad school.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Please use a title in title case, subtitle in sentence case, and a feature image directly below the title and subtitle.
  2. We will accept both draft and published submissions.
  3. Please format your story to make it easy to read without large sections of text.
  4. If relevant, please tag your story with research, mental health, communication, or grad life.
  5. For calls-to-action, please follow the guidelines in the article below.

Become a Writer for PhD Life

If you want to become a writer, please respond to this story with “I want to be a writer” and tag me ( @alanarister)! You should be added within 72 hours.

Once added as a writer you can send submissions to us. If you are unsure how, please check out this article.




Graduate Student Handbook features stories related to all aspects of graduate school.

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Alana Rister, Ph.D.

Alana Rister, Ph.D.

Write about entrepreneurship, marketing, and personal development. Also me: @alanalrister and @scigradcoach https://www.alanarister.com/alana-rister-newsletter

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