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8. Update

Where Are We Now

Seven days to the start of the project. Just some quick updates from my side.

  • Been a busy week, and have not been able to run as normal. That is stressing me a bit, but no issues. Planing for a long trip (100 km) tomorrow where I will run with the backpack with all gear. This is for testing that the pack feels OK, and that I can do any adjustments if needed. (That trip is also for testing navigation with my InReach, in addition to check battery usage when using 2 minutes sampling for 10 hours. Will be interesting.)
  • Have trimmed down the gear list to absolute minimum. Backpack is now less than 4 kilogram (which includes 1 kg with water). That is OK. (Please refer chapter 2 for the details).
  • Jeanette Vike is have decided not to join. I understand her decsion.
  • At Thursday, Aftenposten, published an interview online, and in paper at Friday. (Aftenposten is the largest newspaper in Norway). Online version available here.
First page of the online version.
Layout of the printed version as publised.
  • Crowdfunding have started at Vipps #756374. Looks good. Aim is to have half of my cost covered.
  • Two companies have signed up to give financial support; Supreme Roastworks (Micro roastery and coffee shop at Grünerløkka Oslo), and (the world’s top-ranking website for time and time zones, with main office in Stavanger, Norway)
  • Race singlet in production.
This is the singlet from CRAFT that I will be running with.
  • A race tracker unit have been picked up from RaceTracker. This unit is using 2G (GSM) or 4G dependent on whats available. Have done a test run and verified OK. Have also verified the integration between the Garmin InReach Mini 2 (which uses satellite) and the Race Tracker map. The means that my position will come from both the Race tracker unit or the InReach. Will will configure the InReach and the Race Tracker unit do sampling every 2nd minute (this is configurable). You will find the race tracker page here.
  • First pager created for the Race Tracker web site (as shown below)
  • Pictures will be uploaded to map as we go on (same as I did for the NPL project, ref. below). All my photos taken with my iPhone is synchronised with a shared folder which Race Tracker will pull from and use the geo meta data in photo and upload to map.
  • At Friday, today, I was interviewed by Captare Podcast. Had a good 90 minutes chat, in Norwegian, about this project (and about life in general). Should be publised at Monday latest.
  • Coming Thursday I will visit NRK Rogaland radio.
  • Friday I will travel to Greece and rest is history ….



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