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9. Hmmm….

The situation three days and 11 hours before start

Blue toe

At my 100 kilometer run this Saturday — a beautiful sunny day — I managed to get a blue toe. (Stupid me! This is basic. Running long distance and forgetting to cut your toe nails). In a few weeks this nail will fall off, but meanwhile, I need to treat this toe with some respect. Tomorrow, I will drain the blood which is under the nail. Hopefully, my doctor will do that — if not — I have to do that myself. After drainage, it could be that need to apply some anti-inflammatory cream to calm down. Anyway,, this is not good for my project — but this is not stopping me. BUT, this means that I cannot do my run today as planned (and maybe not tomorrow). My 45 kilometer at Sunday was OK, but my 40 km yesterday was painful. … And yes, I have now trimmed down all my toe nails.

(And by the way; thanks to Anders and Kristine at Stavanger Idrettsklinikk for having a look at this today).

Kit change

Had a great 100 km run at Saturday where I tested out the full kit. Actually a really great day with a lot of junk food. In my daily life, I tend to eat a lot better — but that sunny day — I just wanted to “go all out”. I even had a few beers; 0.5 dl of 4.5 % Goes, and a 0.3 dl of DNEIPA 8.0%. A great day for running — and I was able to test out everything; and based on that I have made some very useful adjustments.

Some pictures from my the Saturday 100 km test run.


Based on my issues with this blue toe, I have decided to change my footware from Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 (US 10.5) (241.8 gram) to Altra Vanish Carbon (US 11) (246.2 gram). The Altra gives me more freedome and space in the toe section — which is what I need now. Still carbon and still stiff and a very good shoe. And in addition to that, the Altra gives me null drop, which is positive.


Have decided to change from using the pure NaCl tablets to instead use the pink Himalaya salt. Reason for that is that this latter options is a more healthy option (for several reasons which I will not mention here). Will pack this in a 35 gram bag.


Imodium as 2 mg tablets will be added to the kit (just in case). (Total weight 4.4 gram).

KT tape

Add KT (Therapeutic Kinesiology) tape into the kit. Use this in case of troubles scratches. 10 gram.


The initial pair with Injinji that I had planned, turned out to not work with the that shoe (as shown in left picture below). Have now changed into a higher Injnji model.

Note to self

And at last… some important notes to myself. Simen member following:

  • Suncream (often)
  • Drink a lot
  • Salt
  • Use KT tape for “trouble areas”



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