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3. Route change …

When I met Nick


  • Magnus Thorud will not be running, but he will act as a back-office and media manager — and will also have a big role in the planing and QA of this project.
  • Flight tickets have been booked. Will arrive at Athen International Airport (ATH) late July 1st (retuning late July 8th).
  • Start date and location changed. We will start the project at July 2nd 08:00 from the Town Stadium in Marathon.
  • Marathon is 29 kilometers north of ATH. Estimate 35 minutes with car. (TODO: Need to check what is the easiest and cheapest option.) (Update June 12th: Aggeliki will pick me up and drive me to the hotel.)
  • Have asked around for accommodation options, for July 1st to July 2nd., preferable private, in Marathon. Awaiting feedback. (Update June 12th: Hotel booked. Will stay at Hotel Euro in Marathon)
  • Since we have changed the starting location (more on this below), we have added 42 extra kilometers to the route. This means that total distance is now 617 kilometers. Based on that our realistic goal is now sub six days for the total Marathon — Athen — Sparta — Athen — Marathon — Athen route.
  • The current Race Tracker route and the submitted route at, must be updated. Aiming to have Race Tracker route updated this week.
  • Dog Defense Spray have been ordered!

Route change

Yesterday, June 6th, I got following message from Nick Papageorge at my public facebook page:

Btw Simon, not sure it’s true but John Foden told me it while running with him 1982 — Phidippides was a professional runner/messenger and was at marathon when Persians attacked. He ran to Athens with the news, was sent to Sparta the following day just as the sun was rising and arrived next day as sun was going down — 36 hours

The Spartans couldn’t help so he walked back as another messenger did the running with the bad news. He got to Athens and continued to Marathon where he saw the Athenian victory and so ran back to Athens

An extra 42km maybe?

Based on this and some follow-up discussions, it seems to be more correct that we actually start this FKT, which in short should be as identical, but still runable, to the original route that Pheidippides had in 490 BC as possible, in Marathon and not Athen. After all, this is — and should be — In the footsteps of Pheidippides — at least in the faith.

RAF Expedition

Some amazing photos from the 1982 RAF expedition. October 8th and October 9th 1982. From Nick Papageorge

This year; Spartathlon ULTRA Race will be arragned from 40th time. (Cancelled 2020 due to Covid-19). These pictures shows the start of it all.




Planing, background, motivation. Why?

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