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2. Mainframe, gear list and budget

A project document

This document will serve as a project document for the upcoming “In the footsteps of Pheidippides” project in Greece. Includes the main frame, the route, and the pack list. This is a “work in progress” document, and will be continuously updated .


START: July 2nd 06:00 (local time), Marathon beach, Greece

DISTANCE: 620 km / 6700 hm

PROJECT GOAL: Sub six days.

RUNNERS: myself (Simen Holvik)

BACKGROUND: Read following blog as a background document. That was the first document related to this project and outlines the “why”.

SUPPORTED/UNSUPPORTED: Our plan is to run unsupported and per the rules outlined by

ROUTE: (Update June 12th: Route has been updated with start from Marathon instead of Athen. That route at Race Tracker web nor the have been updated yet. For details regarding the Marathon to Athen add in, please refer the update no 4. from this blog.)

Route is registered at under following link. (Screenshot below). From this site you can also download the complete gpx files that we have compiled. (Garmin base camp used for the route planing).

From Acropolis of Athen, follow the Spartathlon route to the King Leonidas statue in Sparta. Then kiss the foot, and return back the same route to Acropolis. Back in Athen, head over to Panathenaic Stadium and follow the “Athens Authentic Marathon” route to Marathon. And then return back to finish at the Panathenaic Stadium.

This route is a combination of two very well known routes:

  • Sparathlon ULTRA race (246 km) from Acropolis to Sparta. Check out the details here (this is the most famous road ultra marathon in the world). Following the exact same route as the race, once arrived at Sparta, run the exact same route back again.
  • Once arrived back again at Acropolis, run the easiest way to the where the Authentic Athen Marathon starts and follow that official route, ref. link to Marathon, then return and run the same route back to Athen stadium.

Legends are saying that the combination of these two routes, are — more or less — the track that the messenger Pheidippides executed year 500 BC

TRACKER: We will use the tracker system from Race Tracker. The route has been submitted and is available at following link. (Screenshot below). This is the same tracker system that I used at last year 2550 km accors Norway FKT. It is a smal sender that is mounted in your waist belt or at you shoulder. Every runner that are planing to join, will get their own tracker. This tracker is similar to what was used at Spartathlon 2021 race and have good coverage at the route. Must be recharged every second night and can also have some issues with drop outs (therefore it is also important that we keep in contact with the administrator of that system). This is a 4G system, and require good and avilable network).

SECOND TRACKER: As a second tracker and a security backup, we will use the newly updated Garmin Inreach Mini. (This is running with satelite communications and will aslo serve as a security backup in case of “situations”). InReach will have an integration to Race Tracker map, which means that these samples will also show up there

VERIFCATION: After completion of the project, a set with gpx tracks , pictures and douments / photos etc. will be submitted to the for reivew and verification. This can be long process — where they need to verify that we have followed their guidelines and that we have the “right” to own that route as the FKT.

FUNDING SPONSOR: In progress. Please contact. Several options available.

PRESS: Article in Kondis here.

SOME: Add-hoc live videos and daily updates at Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Note: not yet complete. Below list to be fine tuned / specified with weight. We will travel as light as possible, and aiming for the lightest kit possible. Sleeping in hotels / hostels so not need to sleeping gear.

* Note: “have on me” while running, any other items in back pack.


  • Reflective vest (51 g.)
  • Earth Runners (running sandals) (360 g.)
  • Altra Vanish Carbon(carbon shoes) (492 g.) *
  • Running shorts (1 pcs.) (91 g.) *
  • Injinji socks (2 pair; 1 par in backpack) (37 g. + 64g.*)
  • underpants (2 pcs., 1 pcs in backback) (39 g.+ 55 g. *)
  • CRAFT pro dry nanoweight singlet (51 g.) *
  • t-shirt (63 g.)
  • rain / wind gore tex jacket (191 g.)
  • headband / buff (cotton) (26 g.)
  • INOV-8 Ultrapant waterproff trousers (86 g.)
  • Salomon S-Lab Speed Bob hat with neck protection (53 g.) *
  • arm sleeves (42 g.) *


  • Ultimate Direction Fastpack 15 liter (M/L) (500 g.)
  • Rain cover (Lifeventure)(inside) (76 g.)
  • Salomon soft flask (2 pcs)( with o.5 liter liquid each) (85 g. + 1 000 g.)
  • Goodr Off-Piste Polarizers sunglasses (from gram) (*)


  • Nitecore battery bank (10.000 mAh) (150 g.)
  • Corox Apex (55 g.) *
  • Apple Watch (67 g.) *
  • Apple AirPods pro with charging case (56 g.)
  • Garmin InReach Mini 2 with carabiner clip (112 g.)
  • Iphone 13 Pro with cover (242 g.)
  • USB-A to Apple Watch cable (29 g.)
  • USB-A to Coros Apex cable (20 g.)
  • USB-C to lightning cable (19 g.)
  • USB-A to magnet (19 g.)
  • USB-C to USB-C cable (23 g.)
  • Apple 20 W USB-C charger (54 g.)
  • Apple 5 W USB-A charger (27 g.)
  • Race Tracker unit (1 pcs.) (78 g.)
  • Petzl e+light (27 g.)


  • Sun cream (Dermica solkrem til barn — SPF 30) (64 g.) — buy more when needed.
  • lib balm sun protection (Demica leppepomade — SPF 30) (13 g.)
  • Toilet paper (20 g.)
  • Antibac pharma (disinfectant wet wipe) (3 pcs.) (23 g.)
  • Dog Defense Spray (62 g.)
  • Paracet (500 mg) (10 pcs) (8 g.)
  • IBUX (400 g.) (10 pcs) (8 g.)
  • Toothbrush (10 g.)
  • Toothpaste (15 g.)
  • Dental floss (11 g.)
  • Cotton swabs (5 pcs.) (2 g.)
  • Himalaya salt (35 g.)
  • Magnesium cream (Strong Magnesium in) (27 g.)
  • MyRevolution Various tablets; magnesium, sink, Ginseng (69 g.)
  • Imodium 2mg (4.4 g)
  • KT tape (10 g.)
  • Magnesium 350 mg tablets (if muscle cramps) (10 pcs.) (11 g.)
  • Locoid 0.1% hydrocortison.butyr 1mg. (if inflammation) (18 g.)
  • Voltaren 50 mg tables (if needed) (20 pcs.) (7 g.)
  • Baby powder (???) — NEW


  • Visa debit card Sbanken(6 g.)
  • Visa debit card BNBank (5 g.)
  • Via credit card (5 g.)
  • passport (42 g.)
  • Cash (50 EUR) (5 g.)
  • Health insurance card (5 g.)


  • Weight on my when running (excluding backpack and items in backpack): 941 g.
  • Initial backpack weight (including backpack and 1 liter of water) was more thatn 5 kilogram, and that was way too heavy.
  • Then I did second reivew of the pack list together with coach Sondre Amdahl, and decided to remove several items (like poles, a second cap, compression, tape, drug store items, and other items). In addition to reduce the amount of “cream” by using zip lock bags instead of full container. Important to be a light traveler, and if anything is needed — there are stores / and people available. After this first reduction, the backpack weight (incl. backpack and 1000 g. with liquid) is now down from 5 074 g. to 3 801 g.
  • Not yet there, but getting closer. Will do some some test runs to see if it feels ok. At least I need to find a. way to strap on the InReach.
My running kit for this project. (Picture at lower right to be updated)


As per one person. Actual cost spend in bold.


  • Flight ticket: NOK 8200 = EUR 795


  • Hotel (July 1st — July 2nd): NOK 516 = EUR 50
  • Hotel (July 2nd — July 3rd): NOK 400 = EUR 38
  • Hotel (July 3rd — July 4th): ?
  • Hotel (July 4th — July 5th ): NOK 705 = EUR 67.50
  • Hotel (July 5th — July 6th): ?
  • Hotel (July 6th — July 7th): NOK 715 = EUR 68.50
  • Hotel (July 7th — July 8th):

Food / drinks:

  • July 1st:
  • July 2nd:
  • July 3rd:
  • July 4th:
  • July 5th:
  • July 6th:
  • July 7th:
  • July 8th:

New gear:

  • Garmin Inreach Mini 2: NOK 3990 = EUR 388
  • Infra red sauna (for head adamptation): NOK 4400 = EUR 427


  • Satelitte subscription (monthly fee): NOK 700



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