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Pheronym’s amazing 6 week-journey at the NSF I-Corps teams program

The challenges, up and downs, surprising discoveries, and meeting amazing people on the way to completing 100 customer discovery interviews.

Pheronym is developing pheromones from microscopic roundworms, nematodes, to control agricultural pests; nematodes, and insects. Our end users are growers, conventional and organic farmers. Our task was very simple: “Talk to 100 growers to understand their pain points with respect to difficult pests”. Traditionally, at I-corps participants get out of the building or go to…




Pheronym is an ag-biotech company that uses nematode pheromones for sustainable agricultural pest control. Follow us @pheronym on twitter, linkedin, instagram, and facebook.

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Dr. Fatma Kaplan

Dr. Fatma Kaplan

CEO of Pheronym, Inc.

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